Civil war essay


The question of what lead to the secession by the southern statesduring the civil war in the US continues to be controversial to date.Whereas some scholars have pointed out to the issue of slavery as themain cause for secession, there is an equal number of people whoargue that the southern states were seeking their state rights (Civilwar trust, 2014). According to the information in the document,states such as Texas, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina issueddocuments that highlighted their causes for secession. It is evidentthat it is extremely difficult to point out to a single cause as themain cause for secession.

The retention and expansion of slavery can be said to be the maincause of session for the southern states. It is clear that theNorthern states and the election of Lincoln as the President spelleddoom for the southern states with regards to the issue of retainingand expanding slavery ( trust, 2014). The southern statesbelieved that the slaves were essential for the economy since theyprovided cheap and effective labor supply. The southern statesbelieved that the northern states were focused on diminishing themeconomically.

The issue of states’ rights also played a major role in thesecession. The Southern states argued that they were not satisfiedwith what they were getting from the union. The southern statesneeded to make their own economic policies since they viewed theNorthern states as having control over them and their economicaffairs ( trust, 2014). It is clear from the document thatthe issue of secession of the southern states cannot be based on onecause such as slavery. The secession came as a result of variouscauses and slavery has been singled out as the major one.


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