citizens essay

Reconstructiondenotes the time after the civil war in the United States which hadleft so many people dead. The method to be followed during theprocess was the one that led to the question who should lead thewhole process. Some wanted the president to lead the process whileothers wanted the Congress to lead the process. President Lincoln wasinterested in incorporating the southerners and treat them as of the nation. This, however, was not the intention of manyRepublican radicals who were opposed to this idea and wanted to usethe congress to initiate reconstruction process. Presidentialreconstruction aimed at giving freed slaves full hip whileradical did not subscribe to this idea.

Mosthistorians do agree that the whole issue failed as I do, this was sobecause the people who were to initiate the process were not sincere.The president wanted to incorporate the southern slaves indeed andgive them privileges to the of the nation, but thenortherners did not want the southerners to gain political advantage.The few radicals in the Congress did not want the slaves to have therights as other . They passed laws to free the southernersbut did not want to financially equip them as they put so manyeconomic restrictions to them. They did not allow them to rent andlease land, were not allowed to participate in free activities of thenation like voting and testifying in court. This made blacks feelinferior and felt they were not like other people hence notjustifying the need for reconstruction.

Theyfounding fathers should have sat down and put their ego aside andtruly discuss the issue sincerely after more than 620000 lives hadbeen lost through the civil war. They needed to pass laws that werefavorable to the southerners and made them join the nation as. This would have led to constructive process.


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