Characteristics of a Successful College Student essay

Characteristicsof a Successful College Student

Whatare the characteristics of a successful college student? Anysuccessful college student lives up to the set expectations by hisown self and the society at large. This is a student who has achievedall his dreams and goals. A person who people in the society can lookup to as a role model. Basedon the aforementioned evidence it is justifiable to say that asuccessful college student is self- driven, self-reliance, andoptimism in whatever he undertake to do.

First,a successful person has the trait of self-drive. This is thedetermination to work harder under whatever circumstances. Asituation whereby an individual does something without somebodyelse’s persuasion making sure the task is done. This is having thepriority of seeing things get completed and making sure there isthorough completion of a task for instance assignments.

Secondly,this kind of individual possesses the attribute of self-reliancewhere he takes into account every part of the job done without thehelp of another party. This kind of person shoulders responsibilitieswith every step being accounted for. Self-confidence is brought outby this kind of individual whereby he trusts himself with every stephe takes in making decisions. This kind of trait plays a major rolein coming up with decisions that are very important and critical inone’s life. This majorly brings in the perspective of belief inevery decision taken.

Optimismcharacter which keeps a person going is a key trait. The quality ofbeing positive in any crucial step taken is a very important factorin coming up with success. Being hopeful in every chance created inorder to utilize the opportunities at hand. In life there are variouschallenges that will draw a person’s confidence from achievinggoals. A successful student fights for his achievements by all means.

Inconclusion, a successful college student has the will of moving onstrongly in any kind of situation. This is overcoming challenges.Life comprises a smaller percentage of experiences with the otherlarge percentage comprising of passion. A successful college studentputs all these into consideration. Those are the clear definitions ofa successful college student.