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Research on leadership and planning

John Hopkins Hospital is among the leading healthcare systems inAmerica it employs a variety of strategiesin its plan that helps it emerge as the best hospital.For instance,it creates a conducive environment where its staff both the nursesand physicians work in unity it also provides excellent facilitiesthat ensures that the skills, as well as the knowledge of itsworkforce, gets utilized appropriately(Bartlett,2012). It displays useful planning techniques as it presentsits vision and mission statement to all who aspire to work in thehospital, its vision statement shows its purpose which states that ”Together we deliver the promise of medicine.”

The hospital displays excellent planning through its strategicinfrastructure and architectural designs that provide a conducivesurrounding for its patients as well as the staff.It also employs agood management team that helps at maintaining issues related to itsgoals of enhancing the health of the world andthat of the community by setting the standard of excellencein medical research, clinical care andeducation(Bartlett, 2012).The leadership strategyof the John Hopkins Hospital, incorporates aspects ofdiversity that help it to consider all aspects of different culturethat people present with and in the process, this enhances itsincredible direction and planning of all its activities.

The availability of qualified personnel who hold different specialtyon the management team helps the hospital device suitable managementstrategies that play an essential role in ensuring that all itsactivities of delivering patient care are up to date. Throughplanning John, Hopkins hospital portrays an excellent ability tohandle all its challenges.

The outline of the hospital that comprises of various departmentsdepicts its proper planning strategies where different sectionshandle different cases.The hospital also presents with a managementplan that observes the scalar chain where a chain of command getsseen and respected, information within the hospital gets channeledthrough appropriate means and following the hierarchical chain, thusdemonstrating proper planning(Bartlett,2012).

Disciplinary issues or matters relating to complaints about theirservices gets handled through properly set channels and the hospitalfocuses of handling all its issues basing on a first-hand basis whereissues that present first gets addressed in that order.The planningaspect gets portrayed by the employment of triage where seriousproblems get priority, and less severe effects follow suit.

Research on failed marketing strategies

Although the leadership and planning strategies of the John Hopkinshospital seems to have put the company at a recognizable levelregarding delivery of health care.The hospital fails to have adequatemarketing strategy its services make it accessible within the regionbut outside the area the hospital fails to have much influence on thepeople since its marketing strategies are usually small, that is itfails to employ fundamental marketing strategies such asadvertising(Bartlett, 2012). Thehospital had tried to issue flyers to its patients as a means ofmarketing its services, but the plan did not work since most patientstend to ignore some of the pamphlets that get issued to them at thehospitals and relies mostly on the word of mouth.

John Hopkins hospital had also tried to put up billboards all overthe state and due to the expensive nature of these marketingstrategies, it failed to sustain these methods that led to thefailure in the commercialization of its products.Also, some patientswho did not receive adequate treatment and services spread negativeissues about the hospital and this impacted negatively on themarketing aspect, as people base most of their judgment on what theyhear rather than on what they know(Bartlett,2012). The word of mouth usually spreads faster than any meansand due to this digital era where everything gets displayed on theinternet, such information hampers the development of the hospitaldealings regarding marketing strategies.

Despite the fact that the hospital presents as fully equipped withmodern technological equipment’s, it fails to utilize the mostfundamental aspect of this technology, that is the computers inmarketing its services.Instead, it still relies on ancient means ofmarketing such as advertising through newspapers and magazines andthe billboard that people in this technological era fail to put muchinterest in thus leading to a failure in its marketing strategy.

Comparative company analysis

Despite being a big hospital that offers the best services in theregion, John Hopkins still faces some shortcomings that do not differto those of the Johnson and Johnson company.For instance, issuesrelated to the shortage of staffs are usually paramount within thehospital, and this also gets experienced with my business.Also,safety problems are among one of the issues that get displayed in thehospital where the services that get delivered to their patients atsome point tend to cause harm just like what the products of theJohnson and Johnson company did to their clients. The planning at theJohn Hopkins hospital seems perfect, but the truth of the matter isthat it also faces some challenges just like my company, if it hadgood planning strategies them its marketing strategies could have hada positive impact on its services all over the region and to otherstates.

According to Mueller one of the chief security officers at JohnHopkins hospital, he said that at one point, staff shortage in anoutpatient clinic once threatened the stoppage of appointments in thehospital and this case is not different from that of mycompany.Johnson and Johnson opted to withdraw all its drugs from themarket due to a few case of poisoning, and this made it incur a lotof losses.

The above issues could get resolved through the employment of moderntechnology where advertisement strategies could get shifted to theuse of modern means such as computers so as to enhance the access ofthe information.Another method that could get employed in addressingthese issues is through applying effective planning techniques thatcould give clear guidance to the both the employees and its leadersin tackling all its activities and ensuring that there are qualityand useful strategies that might promote efficient running of theseorganization and enhance the delivery of services.andthis illustrates that both my company and the hospital fail toaddress their weaknesses as they erupt.


The chapter focuses on issues related to planning and managementstrategies that get employed by both the Johnson and Johnson Companyand the John Hopkins Hospital, also the various failed marketingstrategies and issues that could get considered in matters of tryingto correct these obstacles. The chapter also compares my company tothe hospital through scrutinizing a variety of its measures andstrategies that raise differences between the two institutions.


Bartlett, J. G., Auwaerter, P. G., Pham, P. A., &amp Johns HopkinsMedicine. (2012). Johns Hopkins ABX guide: Diagnosis and treatmentof infectious diseases. Burlington, MA: Jones and BartlettLearning.