Chapter 2 Article Review essay


Chapter2 Article Review

GeneralSubject Matter

Thegeneral subject matter of this article concerns the issue of thedirective that was to be issued by the Obama’s administration,which would allow transgender students in all public schools to usebathrooms and locker rooms that line up with their gender identities(Collier, 2016).

MainPoint of the Article

Themain point of the article is to outline clearly what should be donein all public schools to ensure that no student becomes discriminatedagainst especially the transgender students. In ensuring that thereis no discrimination against any student, transgender students are tobe permitted to the bathrooms, which match their gender identities aswell as using locker rooms of their choice (Collier, 2016).Transgender individuals exhibit gender identity, which is differentfrom the sex that they were born with, and as a result, thisdirective faces opposition where the opponents of the directivepledge to pursue a law that will prohibit people from using bathroomsthat do not align with their biological sex. However, in Texas,several schools have adopted non-discriminatory policies that covertransgender students (Collier, 2016). The main aim of the Obama’sadministration directive is to make all students more comfortable andconfident in the learning environment. Also, opponents havesuccessfully attacked these guidelines arguing that allowingtransgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms would putwomen in danger (Collier, 2016).

Thecontent of the article relates to what I learned in Module 2 becauseit focuses on the role of the government in intervening in issuesthat affect the masses in society. Through this intervention, thegovernment can offer individuals with better services. Also, thecontent is similar to what I learned in Module 2 because itemphasizes on power.


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