Chapter 12 Question 1 essay




“Publichealth” is mostly defined as: Community efforts to cope with healthproblems arising from people living in groups.


Asa professional health-oriented discipline, public health is unique inwhat way? It uses an interdisciplinary approach and methods withemphasis on preventive strategies, links with government and politicsand dynamic adaptations to new problems.


Ecologicalmodels as applied to public health are best described as: Models thattake into account the vast number and interdependence of factors ordeterminants that impact the health status of groups of people.


ColonialAmerica’s public health practices in the form of almshouses andtown-employed physicians were modeled upon: “England’s poor laws”


Government-supportedpublic hospitals frequently provide the following services that arefinancially unattractive to other community hospitals: Burn care,psychiatric medicine and trauma care.


Thefederal government’s principal agency concerned with healthprotection, promotion and provision of services to vulnerablepopulations is the department of: Health and Human Services.


Overallsuccess in meeting HealthyPeople 2010goals for improved health status of Americans is best described as: Adisappointment because health disparities have not changed for 80% ofhealth objectives and have increased for an additional 13%.


TheSeptember 11, 2001 terrorist attacks highlighted which of thefollowing about the U.S. public health system? Inadequate numbers ofskilled public health professionals such as nurses, epidemiologists,and lab workers.


Whichof the following is not suggested as possible reason for thesometimes contentious relationship between public health leadershipand private medicine? Substandard training of public healthphysicians compared with training of private practitioners.


Onereason why public health suffers from a poor public image is: Publichealth’s major triumphs such as the virtual eradication ofvaccine-preventable childhood diseases have resulted in thosediseases’ disappearance from the public’s awareness and politicalattraction.


Themajor difference between public health ethics and medical ethics isthat while medical ethics have an individual and clinical focus,public health ethics: Are concerned with institutions’ interactionswith communities.


Theprimary purpose of the Prevention and Public Health fund created bythe ACA is to: Eliminate unpredictable federal budget appropriationsfor public health and prevention programs.