Changing Nature of Metropolitan Cities in the United States essay

The crisis affecting national and international economy really contributed to the changing nature of metropolitan cities in the United States. In metropolitan cities, the lifestyle of the people is highly classified and the citizens are used to it. But when crisis hits the world, changes in the city life turns out to be in the negative. In the case of Chicago, there were 160 workers both full-time and part-time that are forced to stop working due to slashing of expenditures in the city (Saulny 1).

Many people who are living in large and highly industrialized cities are now selling priced properties like yachts, beachfront properties, and even luxury homes (Saulny 1). There was panic all around metropolitan cities as the crisis eventually hits the daily expenses of the people. Even municipal budgets and revenues of the government were affected since sky-rocketing fuel costs and unemployment in the cities arises. The current financial crisis resulted to realization of the people in cities that they lack financial tools to at least slowly get through of the devastated economic condition.

The struggling national and international economy resulted to shifting roles and identities in the metropolitan cities as people who are formerly rich also struggled with the government just to get out of the problem. The drastic changes of policy-making and implementation of the government affected the quality of life of city residents (Saulny 1). The streets become busier due to people who are confused on where to get funds to support their needs as it is even hard to get cash through bonds (Saulny 1).

The availability to meet the cost of living allowance of each individual seems to decrease and people are scrambling on where to get funds. There is always new bad news every week then. Therefore, the national and international ailing economic conditions led to the double-time efforts of the city residents to come up with solutions of the dilemma.

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