Changing environments essay

With the increasing demands of today’s workplace, individuals must be able to strike balance between improving their skills and at the same time reaching out towards other endeavors. Realizing this, reinforcing oneself with further education is one important step in developing these desired objectives. In the end, by harnessing your own individual strengths and synchronizing it with the demands of society, opportunities shall be widened and success becomes attainable. Due to this, I wish to present my intention of applying for a Masters degree in Accounting at your University.

If you are going to look at my records and experience, it is indicated that I am currently associated in the scientific realm particularly Biochemistry research. Now, you may be wondering why I am applying for a business degree. I believe this can be explained by my goals and objectives in my career. Due to this, I wish to provide my short and long term purpose so as to shed a light on this question. My early career and education has been inspired by my passion for the field of Science. I had been given a great opportunity to have been educated as a scholar as I took my Masters in Biochemistry from 2003 to 2005.

This experience has immersed me towards the creation of my short term goal – becoming scientist that can create innovations in medical research. My previous education provided me with the relevant skills that can catapult me to the career that I want. After this, I had the chance of embracing this dream as I had been accepted at The Burnham Institute for Medical Research, Cancer Research Center and Infectious & Inflammatory Disease Center and provided various innovations that continue to shape the field of medicine. However, I also realized in my education the importance of understanding various business concepts and processes.

With the rising diversification of the workplace, there is a need for professionals to expand their horizons for them to adapt and adjust to these changing environments. That is why, I see the need towards reinforcing my profession by adding up a business expertise so as I can use it as a stepping ladder towards my career. It is these ideas that shaped my long term interest of growing in my profession with a particular background and expertise. Being in the research profession, I feel that a Masters degree in Accounting can better equip me with my long term goals such as enhancing my capabilities and cater to my advancement in the career.

I feel that the curriculum that can help me understand further the relative element of budgeting and accounting of the funds necessary for research. Recognizing the importance of research and development, I can fully advocate the needed finances to support projects. Also, I wish to impart on providing clients that are involved in R&D, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries. This can be made by providing tax services, financial advisories and forecasts, and risk management that are designed towards addressing the complex operating and technological challenges of these industries.

I believe that this can only be facilitated by the synchronization and understanding of both medical and accounting/finance expertise. I am sure that your curriculum can provide me with these knowledge and skills. In the end, though my knowledge and expertise may not be related to the current degree that I am trying to partake in, I believe that I have the proper mindset and motivations for applying – personal improvement and development.

With the curriculum that is designed for students, I feel that I can acquire and better equip myself in handling complex situations not only in Accounting but also Business in general. Opportunities come to us everyday. The only question is we are capable enough of handling every challenge it may give. With your acceptance, I can grab this opening and use it towards not only on my personal benefit but also to others who desire the improvements in healthcare. I am ready to embrace the realities and face every hindrance that may come in the way. My name is Li-Hsing Chen ready to be educated and improve with your help.