Cause of Cessation essay

Causeof Cessation

Secessionby the Southern states cannot be attributed to a single issue ofrights or slavery but both, and some other additional factors.Slavery was treasured so much by the Southern States. It was thelivelihood upon which their economy and prosperity were founded on.Northerner`s attack on slavery was seen as an economic sabotage. Whenthe United States broke from the British colony, each state was givenauthority to act independently and make its regulations that guidedits people as long as they were constitutional. Thus, the UnionConstitution understood those rights and each state joined the Unionwith intent and hope that those principles and values will be upheld.

However,the Southern States seemed to have been at the receiving end of theNortherners. The southern states cried foul they claimed that thefederal government propagated the ideologies of the Northerners, andthe law was bent to suit the Northerners. They repealed any clausesthat would have aided slavery. Also, they were accused ofparticipating in helping slaves to escape and thwarted any plans tocapture the perpetrators. They had no regard for the Constitutionupon which the Union was founded, the principle of equality under thelaw.

Also,the Southerners claimed that the Northerners had enjoyed muchprotection from the government in businesses by being offeredbounties. When free trade was introduced, they sought a level ground. The issue about the abolishment of slavery could have been asuperiority battle thing to cripple the Southern States for thebenefit of the Northerners. Southerners blamed the Northerners forpropagating hatred between the slave states and non-slave states.Also, they sponsored dissent in slave states by giving weapons toslaves. Texas blames the Federal government for failing to protectits citizen from bandits’ attacks and Indians savage, assertingthat they were better off before the Union.


Itis in consideration of the above factors, which made the southernstates feel like lesser counterparts instead of being equal withtheir parties that made them break off. From the above statements,one can deduce that the issue of equality, slavery, and economyresulted to seceding.