Casino Royale essay

James bond has been a true icon, surviving through years without being harmed. Many people haven’t read Ian Fleming’s classic books or haven’t even seen the movies do immediately recognize his name. Several of the books are being re released on the 40th anniversary of the first bond film, Doctor No. Among those books is Ian Fleming’s first bond series novel, Casino Royale. In this novel Bond is pitted against his arch nemesis Le Chiffre. The duel between these two characters takes place at a gaming table of a casino in the French town of Royale-Les-Eaux.

Bond’s main aim is to cause Le Chiffre financial problems so that his bosses at SMERSH will dispose of him. It seems that La Chiffre has been plunging into the company pot to support his bad habits and now when his bosses need the money, he attempts to recover the losses at the casino. Bond being a talented card player has been sent to make sure that Le Chiffre doesn’t win. To assist Bond, he is assigned a sidekick which happens to be a female. Hence the lovely and charming Vesper Lynd becomes the first Bond heroine.

It is hard to believe that such people really do live as it is described in the pages of Fleming’s novel. Bond starts off with a drink, eats lunch, has a chat with his buddies, and may go for champagne with a girl and smokes all through out the day. In between this he swims, sails, drives, play cards, shoots, fights and all the manly things he does is unsounded. But that is what he does. A reason which makes Bond a believable hero is because he doesn’t often win the fights which he gets into. In the end, obviously he does but he has some cuts and bruises.

He is tortured, beaten, shot and even car wrecked through out the novel. But as other hero’s are he recovers and is always willing to go for another round. Casino Royale has everything, from action to suspense and even romance. But the most interesting thins is it gives an intriguing glimpse into the world which is no longer there. It is mostly an Anglophile world, but there are some yank’s like Bonds friend from the CIA Felix Leiter. Casino Royale is a must read novel. It will definitely be worth it. Casino Royale (Movie)

The movie Casino Royale (James Bond 007) directed by Martin Campbell is based on the novel by Ian Fleming. Daniel Craig plays James Bond. In fact Craig is stated to be the best bond since Sean Connery and the only bond ever to pull off the stunts in Casino Royale. Craig is absolutely amazing; the film itself is absolutely heart stopping, enjoyable, which intense action. Casino Royale passes many expectations by delivering a thrill ride to movie goers and even to those who have no clue about the previous Bond films.

There are no stupid gadgets, cars which can disappear, inexplicable plot lines. Even the villain is portrayed as an everyday criminal mastermind (Played as Le Chiffre and played by Mads Mikkelsen), who cries tears of blood. The actions scenes and romantic jaunt are secondary to storytelling, the only element lacking the old bond movies. From the amazing opening foot scene that is beyond describing to a torture scene in which Bond’s manhood is at stake to the more low key scenes around the poker table, this movie does not disappoint.

Casino Royale has proven that to make a bond movie it isn’t necessary to have ridiculous gadgets and over the top sets. Casino Royale succeeds in its mission to revive the bond franchise. The action is amazing, there is a gorgeous eye candy for both sexes, and the plot sounds realistic. Each and every actor is terrific. Violent and sexy with just the right amount of humor to lighten the mood and make it a little playful, Casino Royale is an entertaining and a must see movie.

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