Career self-assessment tool summary essay

Careerself-assessment tool summary

Thelink used for this assessment self-assessment tool survey, while the tool used is SkillsProfiler. The average strength of the position sought ranged between64 and 69%.The career assessment tools adopted revealed the followingcareer strengths Business post-secondary teachers(68%),Educationteachers post-secondary(65.4%),Architecture teacherspost-secondary(64%),Communication teachers post-secondary(68%),Criminal justice and law enforcement teacherspost-secondary(64%),Economics teachers post-secondary(66%),Homeeconomics teachers post-secondary (66.8%),Philosophy and religionteachers post-secondary(64%), Political science teacherspost-secondary (64%), Sociology/history teachers post-secondary (69%)and English language/ literature teachers post-secondary (69%).it iscrucial to point out that the position sought is that of a post-highschool educator.

Thepage provides the strengths in each of the areas regarding theteaching subjects. The range of the score is 64% to 69% which isbased on the level of the skills and the interests in the field ofeducation. The score is also based on the values attached to each ofthe areas. The scores provide vital information on areas, where as ajob seeker, I should give more focus(Baruch, and Maury 365).The information provided is also crucial in making me considercareers that I may not have thought about in the past. The mostimportant part is that the information is critical in enlighteningabout the occupations that are right for me.


Inten years time, I will have achieved the position of a senior countycommissioner in education. It is not easy to attain such a prominentposition but through diligence and determination, I am sure I willachieve the dreams that I have in the education sector(Baruch, and Maury 355).I plan to enter at the level of an ordinary school teacher in apost-secondary institution. Through commitment and sacrifice bymeeting the targets and goals set forth by my employers, I willcertainly have my ambitions in the career of my choice. I expect toachieve the post of the head of a department within two years beforeenrolling for post-graduate studies, while still in the service. Apost graduate degree in education would most certainly guarantee apromotion into the desired position. Through sitting of internalexams and engaging in research in my field of specialization, itwould lead to professional recognition and hence recommendation forpromotion. Writing of several peer-reviewed journals would be aprimary strategy to achieve my goals. Meanwhile, I would attendseminars and conferences to enhance professional growth(Baruch, and Maury 358).I hope to reach the position of a post-secondary institution head bythe end of the fourth year, and a supervisor in the county educationdepartment by the end of the seventh year. Research andprofessionalism in the performance of my teaching and supervisionroles are some of the other strategies to make me realize my dreamsof achieving the desired position at the beginning of the tenth year.It is not easy but through hard work, it is certainly achievable. Ihave laid down the necessary groundwork for the career, and I believethat nothing can stop my resolve to rise to the highest level in theeducational management.

Strategiesfor Informational Networks over the Next Two Years

Oneof the strategy I would use for personal and informational systems isthrough my present colleagues. I will endeavor to ensure that Iretain contacts of most of the colleagues even after college to makesure that we can update each other on the latest developments in thejob market. I am aware of the fact that most colleagues are alsoconnected to friends and relatives who could play a significant rolein widening the network which is vital for career growth anddevelopment(Baruch,and Maury 348).

Anotherstrategy I will apply is the online social networks. Over time, Ihave been able to form an extensive network of friends in the socialmedia around the country and even from around the world that iscritical in assisting me to expand my careers endeavor. The majorityof them are already aware of the course am undertaking at theUniversity and have committed to help on completion of my studies.

Family,relatives and friends would also be a primary source of informationnetworks to assist me expands my horizon as I enter the field ofwork. All the family members and friends are aware of my educationstatus and have already offered to assist as I complete my education,by providing the necessary connections. Family members are usuallyconcerned about the welfare of one of them and hence, certainly theywill engage in all the necessary efforts to ensure that I amconnected to the right people as I endeavor to join a career in thefield of education. Registration with the government educationdepartment would also be significant in ensuring that my particularsare registered with the relevant authorities so that I could beconsidered whenever opportunities emerge.

Asa conclusion, the tool used in the assessment provides the careerstrengths and hence is a reliable guide(Baruch, and Maury 362).The skills and interests are vital in the determination of theoccupation that an individual should consider.


Baruch,Yehuda, and Maury Peiperl. &quotCareermanagement practices: An empirical survey and implications.&quotHumanresource management39.4 (2000): 347-366. self-assessment tool survey