Career Preparation A Self-Reflection after an Interview essay


CareerPreparation: A Self-Reflection after an Interview

CareerPreparation: A Self-Reflection after an Interview

Todaywas an important day for me, since I had an opportunity to put mycareer skills and competencies to test. I attended an interview forthe position of the Administrative Executive offered by SLS BearingsPTE LTD. The interview gave me an opportunity to discover mystrengths as well as weaknesses as an interviewee. From theexperience I had during the interview, I believe I have four majorstrengths, including the following

  • Ability to communicate effectively

  • Confidence

  • Being a presentable person

  • Emotional intelligence

Ialways known that I am a courageous person, but I did not know that Icould demonstrate I high level of confidence in a professionalsetting. I was able to demonstrate confidence when responding toquestions during the interview. This is one of the key factors thatmade one sound more convincing. I was also able to look at theinterviewer right in the eyes, which helped me get his questions andrespond correctly.

Iconsider myself to be a good communicator, which allowed meelaborating on all points that were pertinent to the interviewquestions. Being a good communicator also enabled me to expressmyself and informing the interviewer about my qualifications,personal interests, previous experiences, and qualifications. Forexample, I was able to explain about my transferable skills (such asMs Office, Outlook, and Excel) that could benefit the employer. Inaddition, I was able to combine verbal and non-verbal cues to drivemy points. The body language allowed me to make the emphasis on theverbal responses that I felt were critical to my success in gettingthe job.

Agood number of potential employees believe that they academic andexperience can give them access to job opportunities. However, Ibelieve that a personal appearance of potential employees indicateswhether they are inspired enough to take the job. Being a presentableperson helped me make a good appeal to the interviewer. I wore officeattire and assumed a good posture.

Theaspect of emotional intelligence allowed me to control my emotionsduring the interview. For example, I was able to avoid being nervousduring the interview and smile occasionally, in spite of the factthat the interviewer asked challenging questions. Being able tocontrol my emotions is a strength that allowed me to communicate myideas in a logical way.

AlthoughI consider myself to be a good communicator, the attempt to elaborateand emphasize on every point that I make takes a lot of time. Forexample, I took more time explaining how my interests and skillscould be connected to the company. The interviewer had to cut meshort once in a while in order to address the next question in hislist. Based on this weakness, I believe there is a room forimprovement in the future. I need to build on my ability to makeconcise, but comprehensive responses in order to be able to respondto all questions within a reasonable time.

Inoverall, the interview was quite challenging, but a successful one.By combining some of the key strengths (such as communication,courage, good appearance, and emotional intelligence) I was able toprovide a feedback that showed the interviewer the connection betweenmy interests as well as skills and the job advertised by the company.For example, I managed to explain how my major in BusinessAdministration and a Degree in Business and Marketing surpassed theminimum requirement set for the job. However, I need to focus on myability to communicate concisely in order to save time.