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Q1. The patient is experiencing inferior myocardial infarction

Q2. The patient is suffering from Anterolateral MI

Q3.Oxygen is given via the nose in the two nostrils using a nasalcannula releasing it at a rate of 3 liters/ minute.

Administer 80 milligrams of Lovenox immediately or as a stat dose.

Administer 325 milligrams of aspirin orally as a stat dose and advisethe patient to chew it.

Administer 45 milligrams of TNKase intravenously using a syringe.

Administer an initial dosage of Amiodarone 150 milligramsintravenously as a bolus or the initial dose, then followed by amaintenance dose of 33 ml per hour.

Administer 2 milligrams of morphine intravenously using a syringe,then assess after every 5 minutes while administering the same dosageuntil the pain subsides, also ensure that the blood pressure presentswith 90 mmHg in its systolic readings.

Administer standard nitroglycerine intravenously with an initial doseof 5 mcg per minute, administer it slowly until the pain getsrelieved and at the same time ensure that the blood pressure getsmaintained at 90 mmHg.

Administer 5 milligrams of Lopressor intravenously under a slow pushfor instance, over 15 minutes.

Do laboratory investigations for complete blood count, a completemetabolic panel, magnesium levels, troponin I, and CK-MB.

Administer 0. 9% bolus in 250 MLS of normal saline then continue withan infusion of 50 ml per hour.

Q4. The troponin I test gets used to measure the levels of troponinproteins in blood, the proteins get released when the myocardialmuscles get destroyed. The test detects an acute MI by determiningthe extent of harm caused on the myocardium, and the greater theamount of troponin the higher the chances of an extremely acute MI.

Q5. The Rhythm is sinus bradycardia

Q6. The rhythm is common in patients with inferior MI because theypresent with angina that gets localized in the region between theposterior papillary and lateral border muscles and the posteriorseptum thus causing some fluctuations in the heart rhythm

Q7. The administration of oxygen as an adjunctive treatment toprevent hypo-perfusion and any post cardiac arrest.

Nursing assessment as per acute MI protocol helps in establishingbaseline assessment that is usually necessary for managing patientsand detecting change and deterioration.

Provision of both verbal and written information to the patients wellas supports patient and family, communication information, andpsychological support are essential for the patient and familyunderstanding, well-being and reassurance.

Nurses ensure that there is regular supervision quarterly, for first6 hours and for a further 6 hours, this helps to detect changes inpatients condition as early as possible and administer the necessaryinterventions.

Nurses ensure that patients on bed rest get kept on beds with safetysides in situ and a head position angle of 30 degrees and constantsupervision this helps at maintaining levels of cerebral perfusion aswell as the maintained of security and injury prevention.

Q8. The rhythm is atrial tachycardia it is occurring because aportion of the atrial tissue speeds up to a point of overtaking thestandard sinus node as the pacemaker site of the heart.

Q9. Alcohol drinking or excessive abuse in men makes them predisposedto heart diseases more than women.

Emotional stress in women leads to severe short-term heart musclefailure also known as the broken heart syndrome and affects womenmore than females.

Q10. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of both physiological andbiochemical abnormalities that gets associated with the developmentof type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease, its componentsinclude, abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia, glucose intolerance, andhypertension.


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