cancer videoimm () essay

Thethird episode: Finding the Achilles Heel is of interest to me as itoffers a reflection of the buoyant optimism in the fight againstcancer. It studies the complexity, and the conformity of the cancercell reviewing the therapies developed and the raises the promise formany other to follow. The study shows the new vulnerabilities we facefrom the disease ad reveals of more avenues of attack of themalignant cell. It focuses on the life of Olivia Blair, asix-year-old girl battling leukemia. Her story unfolds, as she issubject to new immunotherapy treatment to show the advanced diseaserecede and resume to the normal life (&quotWatchFull Episodes Online Of Cancer: The Emperor Of All Maladies On PBS |Episode Three: Finding The Achilles Heel&quot).The girl had the diagnosis of the acute lymphoblastic leukemia at theage of one and a half years. The story focuses on her months oftreatment through the new process of treatment, and she still hasanother year of the same treatment. Her life story and experiencewith the illness raises awareness through the show as more familieslearn of the ailment. It is a common expression for parents to losehope for their children with a similar ailment, but owing to thefilm, the awareness reaches many people of the treatment for thedisease.

I think the case shows immense positive strides made towards offeringfull treatment for the killer disease. The disease gets to remissionstage and then resumes back as it was during the trial of drugs inthe 1947 trials. The little girl faces medical breakthroughs gearedtowards ending her lymphocytic leukemia by various types of drugs,and exposure to radiation. Her focus also shows great medicalbreakthrough as the disease in remission now has doctors conductingdeep research to come with possible medical solutions to the disease.The child is in a clinical trial, which aids greatly to combat thecancerous cells, as compared to the many adults who die from thedisease for they do not enter into any clinical trial.


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