California Presidential Primary Elections essay

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CaliforniaPresidential Primary Elections


  1. Introduction general overview of the topic, presidential debates and the candidates involved

  2. The current presidential candidates this section will address the major candidates vying for the presidency in the United States in the forthcoming general election. The elections will address both republican and democrat.

  3. My choice among the three candidates this section will also include my choice as well as the reasons as to why he/she is my choice

  4. Conclusion

  5. Works cited

Theprimary elections are held in the different states across the USAwith the ultimate goal of selecting the candidates for thepresidential elections. This year, the presidential elections will beheld on 8THNovember 2016 and subsequently, the primary elections are being heldin the fifty states across the USA. These primary elections determinethe candidates for the two dominant parties, the democratic and therepublican parties. The elections will mark the end of the two-termperiod under president Barrack Obama, a democrat who was the firstAfrican- American President. This Tuesday, the primary elections areto be held in California (Lenchner62).This paper analyses three presidential candidates and assesses theirstrength in the upcoming elections, as well as my preferredcandidate.

ThePresidential Candidates

DonaldTrump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Trump is arenowned businessman who has generated support as well as controversyover his strong views. He has been involved in the political realmfor a long period and declared his potential for presidentialcandidacy in 1988. His views on immigration have prompted differentreactions from various stakeholders. The” Make America Great Again“campaign also generated controversy regarding Trump’s mode ofelection. So far, Trump’s victory in the various primaries derivesgreat momentum for his potential as the next president (Lenchner64).

Thewife of former President Bill Clinton is not a new figure in thepolitical and leadership platforms of the USA. Hillary Clinton wasthe First lady of the USA from 1993-2001, the New York Senator from2001-2009 and has served as the 67th Secretary of State, underPresident Obama from 2009-2013. This is her second bid for thepresidency, Hillary yields support from various groups, includingliberal minded women and African-Americans (Miller40).Her campaign strategy has been considered to be similar to that ofoutgoing President Barrack Obama. Hillary’s focus upon victory isto improve the economy and eliminate the huge income gaps tosafeguard the middle class. According to polls, the Hillary forAmerica dream stands a 50% chance of victory.

Theformer governor of New Mexico launched his second presidential withthe Libertarian Party in 2015. Gary Johnson is a self-madebillionaire, who just resigned from his position as the CEO ofCannabis Sativa Inc. His political career began in 1994 when he waselected as the New Mexico Governor. Johnson created a politicallandmark in 1999 with his views on drug laws. He pointed out the hugeexpenses incurred in fighting drug abuse, suggesting that a healthyapproach should be implemented instead of a criminal approach. Healso advocates for the legalization of marijuana. Due to the factthat libertarians draw from both democrats and republicans, Johnsonhas a good chance in the upcoming elections (Miller38).


Inthe event that I was an eligible voter, I would vote for HillaryRodham Clinton as the 45thPresident of the USA. To begin with, Hillary has been an activeplayer in the political realm of the USA and therefore is in the bestposition to steer the country forward. Secondly, Hillary has thesoberest views concerning her agenda for America, which also runacross the dynamic composition of the huge population. Mostimportantly, I believe it is high time for a change which will bebest effected by a first female president. I, therefore, believe inthe Hillary for America dream and hope that she wins the electionsunilaterally.


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