Business Plan BP Part 2 Outline essay

BusinessPlan BP Part 2 Outline


TurningIntentions into Actions”



Theimage of the company is to be projected right from the company logo.In the logo of “Planet Fitness”, the company description is wellarticulated. The image that is shown right from the logo is that thecompany is offering fitness services to both men and women. Theservices offered are simple and easily understandable and this isclearly depicted by the simple design of the logo. In the companylogo of Planet Fitness, the image is used in a sharp way. The imagesinclude fit female and bluff male, which is a clear description thatthe fitness center serves both parties(Andreasson &amp Johansson, 2014).The tag line of the Planet Fitness summarizes a strong message in asimple way. The message is that intentions of individuals can beturned actions real actions, which is the gym and body building(Sassatelli,2010). Thelogo and the tag line of the Planet Fitness are very effective ingiving a clear brand identity to your business. Further, by usingunique image and colors that go in hand with the branding activitiesdefinitely ensures that the business can be identified.


Thebusiness name is Planet Fitness. According to this name, there isderivative of the term Planet. Planet entails every other thing thathas life and no life. This means that there is all in one. PlanetFitness as the name suggests includes the things that are unifyingand diverse in nature. This means that the fitness center will offerdiverse fitness services. This means that the services offered arefor the group that are exploring. This is a group of youngindividuals who are exploring and care about their health. They aregenerally exploring the world and want to be seen looking good. Beinga planet means that every other individual is accepted just like theearth accepts every other being. The earth then shapes individualsand makes them conform to the needs of the society. Just like theearth, Planet Fitness accepts every other person who is interestedabout his or her body. Planet Fitness then shapes the body throughthe exercises offered. In fact, at this point, Planet Fitness turnsintentions into actions.


Someof the services that are offered in Fitness Planet include aerobics,free weights, spa, swimming facilities like the Olympic-sizedswimming pool. Often, most of the fitness centers around this placedo not offer the spa and swimming facilities. These will be aspectsthat will define and give Planet Fitness a comparative advantage overthe competitors(Hedblom, 2009).Additionally, just like the name suggests, the services that areoffered are all-inclusive and have provision for children. This meansthat children are also considered in the plan of the gym. The otheradvantage of Planet Fitness is that it offers reduced rates optionsfor the family members who live at the area. Additionally, it is open24 hours and operates for the whole 24 hours. Planet Fitness hascollaborated with other companies and health centers, among theminclude the Care Center and Prestige Health Services. From thiscollaboration, the care center provides weight and cardio equipment.Additionally, there is free personal training programs that areoffered from 3 pm to 5pm every weekend. Some other services thatmembers in this fitness center enjoy include yoga, Pilates, cycling,racquetball, baby-sitting and heated whirlpool spa(Afthinos, Theodorakis &amp Nassis, 2005).These extra services will definitely make Planet Fitness be thechoice fitness center. Additionally, the costs and services offeredat Planet Fitness gives it advantage over the rest. The costs areaffordable.


PlanetFitness will use the low cost strategy as a means of selling theservices that it provides.






$ 43


Theservices that will be provided will cover different individuals whoare within the youth age group. The services are to be offered toboth males and females. Most of the individuals who are target in theprocess include those who care about their lives and their health.They have a feeling of making their bodies better and living ahealthy life.

Anymember getting to use the services of the fitness center will have tosign a contract. The contract will define the terms of both parties(Stern, 2008). In case of any injuries that arise during the trainingsession, the right direction to be taken and actions to be executedare defined (Naele et al., 1990).

Inorder to reach the customers, the fitness center will ensure that itis marketed in different platforms. One such platform includes thePlanet Fitness Center website. The other means that will be used onreaching the customers include the local adverts and billboards. Forthose who refer customers to the company through the website,discounts will be given. For every referral, 5% discount will begiven on the main services that they subscribe to every month.Additionally, new customers to the fitness center will also be given10% discounts on the services they subscribe to for the 1 month.

Promotionand Advertising

Theother means that will be used on reaching the customers include thelocal adverts and billboards. Advertising will be done on localdailies every two days in a week. For the billboards, advertisingwill be done for a period of three months. In order to get publicityfor the fitness center, the center will organize for competitionabout fitness (Burtonet al., 2005). The competition will entail body building and beautypageants as well as showcasing some of the talents and performancesthat come with body better body shape and fitness. The center willalso provide coupons and discounts on the services. These two willhelp facilitate the operations of the center and encourage morepeople (Berry&amp Howe, 2004).


Tomeasure the effectiveness of the promotion, Planet Fitness will makeuse of feedback through online survey like Survey Monkey. The resultsof the feedback are then analyzed and if the results are positivethen the promotion techniques used are effective and if negative thenthe promotion techniques are not effective (Harland et al., 1999).


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