Business Law Test Part 1 essay


BusinessLaw Test


Typesof agreements

Thethree types of agreements in the case are sales agreement, agentagreement, and employment agreement. All these three agreements arevalid and enforceable. This is because in all the three agreements,there is an offer, consideration, mutuality, and acceptance. Thesefour things make all the three agreements valid. Besides, they areenforceable since they carry the force of the law because they arenot restricted by the law.


Thereis a contract between Dan and the manager because the two partiesagree upon an offer and there is a consideration for the offer. Also,the two parties making the agreement understood and accepted to theterms of the contract. The contract between Dan and the manager isenforceable because it is not restricted by the law.


Inthe case of Dave and the Girl Scout, there is no valid contractbetween the two. This is because there exists an offer amid the twoand consideration. However, there is no mutuality of the contractsince Dave does not reply to indicate whether the two boxes of thinmints being offered are okay instead of boxes of Samoas. The contractis enforceable because the law allows the existence of sale of legalitems such as Samoas and mints.


Inthis case, there is a prenuptial agreement between George and Ann.However, the contract may not be enforceable because of an incompletedisclosure George did not disclose his wealth to Ann, but onlyrequired her to sign the prenuptial agreement. This makes it notlegally binding. Furthermore, there was no involvement of attorneysin the signing of their agreement.


Thereis a contract between Jack and his boss because there is an offer,consideration, as well as acceptance of the offer by the two parties.However, this contract is not enforceable because the law does notrestrict the establishment of business within a given range fromanother business as the boss proposes.


Followingthe contract for money in the exchange of sperm, an additionalcontract amid Pierce and Owners is that the Owners would receivetheir money if they do not sue Pierce for the death of No Luck. Thiscontract is not enforceable because the law does not support theactions of Pierce of withholding money for services offered.


Inthis case, there is no valid contract between Joseph and Annette.This is because there was an offer and a consideration, but there wasno agreement reached between these two parties. Besides, the terms ofthe contract are not clear because Joseph does not indicate clearlywhether he would pay the amount before the work is done or after thework is done. Also, the contract between Joseph and Annette is notenforceable since the law may not be involved in the activities ofchanging shifts for leisure such as taking a girl on a date.


Thereis a valid contract between the School and Mom because there is anoffer, the acceptance of the offer, as well as the consideration forthe offer. This contract is enforceable against Mom because she isthe one who enters into the contract with the School. The contractwould only have been enforceable against Jon in case Jon was the onewho had entered into the contract with the School.