Budget for Healthcare Services Author essay

Budgetfor Healthcare Services


Budgetfor Healthcare Services

LeastNecessary Programs and Group of Citizens

Amongour current programs, the program considered least necessary isNursing of Home Patients. This is because the patients at home arenot very many. Several patients visit the health facility to gettreatment. Thus, the money allocated for this program is a bit high.The least vulnerable group of citizens is that of HIV/AIDs. This isbecause AIDS is not a very chronic disease and the patients only needto take medication and live a healthy life.

TheAmount that can be cut from the Programs without Jeopardizing theRecipients

Therehas to be justice in the distribution of money among the projects inorder to have a fair result that does not jeopardize the recipients(Rawls, 2008, p. 2). Money for the women health cannot be reducedbecause this is a major program that we cannot live without. From thenursing home patients’ money, $150,000 can be cut.

Childrenimmunization program money can be reduced to $200,000. From personswith severe disabilities, $100,000 can be cut. $300,000 can be cutfrom AIDS testing and treatment since not everyone has AIDS and thetesting projects do not take place often. $130,000 can be cut fromthe well-child screening because it is not a major program. From theAvian flu prevention program, no money should be cut because it is avaccination program.

Makingthese decisions is not easy but there has to be justice in makingthem and satisfying the needs of the citizens. These choices arefavorable to everyone and are based on ethics and distributionjustice. Thus, these decisions would still not differ even if I werea nurse rather than the commissioner.


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