Broken Vase essay


HowI wish I could go back in time. Sally, my stepsister, and I wereinseparable we shared dresses, dolls and played together. I rememberhow none of us could do anything alone, be it eating, bathing,reading or watching. I equally wanted to be in her presence as shecraved for mine. We were these twin sisters not bonded by blood butloyalty and unbreakable love, at least that is what I thought beforeage caught up with us.

In8th grade, I slightly passed my exams than she did. Nevertheless, wewent to same high school. She became jealous of my performance and Icould feel the gap widening and I was losing a part of myself. Istarted being lonely as we could no longer do things together, as wedid. When I tried to reach out to Sally, she gave excuses that madeit difficult for us to be together. It did hurt me that she preferredto be around new friends, and I became invisible in her world.

Thebreaking point in our lives came when I was bullied by her friend,and she took her side. She watched as her friend poured water on myface, I fell to the ground in shame, shedding tears, hoping that mysister would put a stop to this, but she didn’t. As if being silentabout the issues was not enough I watched them walk away together. Iwondered over and over, how would she.

Iwoke up and ran into the washrooms locked myself and continued tocry. Flashbacks of our relationship, not long ago, started to pop upin my mind. I wanted to suppress them, to forget them, but Icouldn’t.

Insteadof hating Sally, I missed her even more, but her younger version.Even today, I miss what we had when we were young. And I wish timecould be reversed, so that I could change everything that tainted ourrelationship. But because of her jealousy, she no longer loves me.


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