Book review essay



Whatcolor is your parachute? By Bolles was printed in 1970 andcommercially published in 1972. From 1975, it has been revisedannually. Firstly, the book contains vital information on how one canhunt for a job. For instances, its manual describes the array ofways that one can use to seek for a job. These ways are rankedsystemically in accordance to their effectiveness (Bolles, 2009).Nevertheless, interest has been listed as the least effectiveapproach while re-evaluating your career goals and making use of theresults obtained to object your job search listed as the mosteffective.

Thenature of the market depicts that you are neither your employer’sslave nor the world owe you any job (Bolles, 2009). The only remedyto this situation is that one has to search for a job that haspersonal value and he or she can work effectively.

Thebook explains the need for someone to focus on what he or she iscapable of doing rather than what he or she cannot as a core tacticof dealing with handicaps (Bolles, 2009). Moreover, this can be doneby listing your skills with action words to build self-confidence inyour career. Furthermore, persistence is essential in job pursuing.

Thismanual describes the value of personal appearance and etiquetteduring an interview. At the end of an interview, one can demonstrateself-confidence by asking a question. For example, “can I have thisjob?” salary negotiation has been discussed as the key point afteran employer declares to fascinate you. It is good to ensure that theemployer understands your worth and pays you as per it. The secondpart of the book describes how one can address changes in life.Unaccepted happens, it prepares the reader to be ready to deal withany changes that occur in their life (Bolles, 2009).

Circumstancesmight force one to look for a new place to live. This manual showsthe approach one can use in determining where to go. Eventually, onemay need to change his career, a clear guideline is provided inchapter nine (Bolles, 2009). The steps one can use to change hiscareer. This manual depicts some useful advice for leveraging yourrisk you take when venturing in self-employment. This book has aprolonged section dealing with how one can find the right job, andfinally, describes how one can incorporate the set career goals inhis life mission.

Howcan counselors make use of this book?

Counselorscan find this manual useful in their daily duties since they havespecialized in advising people on their personal problems (Bolles,2009). This book undoubtedly provides solutions to most of theproblems counselor are dedicated to address. They can borrow a lot ofclarifications from this manual to deliver effectively to theirclients.

Furthermore,counselors can use it to advice people on how to seek for anemployment. This book solves the difficulties of seeking for a jobin a logical manner arranging them from most effective to leasteffective (Furbish, 2015). Interest has been termed to be leasteffective and re-evaluating career goals been labeled as mosteffective. Research and self-evaluation are the main values one canhold in searching for an employment (Furbish, 2015). Counselors canuse the book to encourage job hunters to be optimistic and focus ontheir capabilities rather than been pessimistic and believing inimpossibility.

Manyjob seekers face a challenge in negotiating for their salary andpreparing for any interview which may be overcome through counselors’guidance (Bolles, 2009). This manual noticeably claims that personalappearance and etiquette are necessary for any interview. They alsoface a challenge in negotiating for a salary with their employer.This manual explains how they can let the employer know their worthand pay them a worthwhile salary. Counselors can use this usefulresource to get knowledge on how they can advise their client onmatters pertaining salary negotiation and planning for an interview.

Moreover,counselors assist so much in career guide. Some people tend to facenumerous challenges in choosing an effective career. They end upchoosing a career that finally fails. This book describes how aperson can change a career (Bolles, 2009). The counselor can borrowfrom this document to advise his clients on how they can choose andchange career.

Counselorsare also known to solve many challenges in peoples’ lives. This isbecause many people find it too challenging to get their mission inlife. Such people need frequent counseling and guidance. Counselorscan borrow a lot of useful ideas from this book in doing such.Nevertheless, this clearly shows that career is just a piece of one’slife that must be put in line with other goals of life. Identifyingprecise career is one of the techniques of finding a mission in life(Bolles, 2009). A counselor can just advise his client on how toincorporate their career objectives in their life goals.

Manyindividuals are not prepared for changes in life. Unanticipated dotranspire in one’s life. This manual provides secrets on how onecan respond some of these changes that do transpire in life. Counselors can deduce elucidation from this book to advise theirclients on how they can respond to deviations in life (Bolles, 2009).

Impressionof the book

Thisbook has several impressions on the audience especially the jobhunters and career changers. Through an effective reading of thismanual, a reader can be able to understand steps he can practice tosecure an employment. Many people who follow these steps stand higherchances of securing an employment compared to the others (Bolles,2009).

Thisbook manual offers important tips that an interviewee can emulateduring the interview. For example, it is clearing revealed thatpersonal appearance and etiquette is vital in any interview. Applyingthis knowledge in life many people can increase their chances ofpassing an interview. This has increased possibilities of applicantsucceeding.

Employeeshave been enlightened on their role in salary negotiation. Manyemployees leave the decision on the amount of the salary they have tobe paid to the employer (Bolles, 2009). This makes them be paid lessthan their worth. In this book, it is stated that employee canconfidently show their worthiness to the bosses. This will increasetheir chances of receiving a salary equivalent to their worth.

Pressurehas been reduced to people who suffer from poor career choice sincethey can read this manual then wisely chose a good career. Careerchoosing has been a challenge to many individuals. Some end upchoosing careers that do not favor them in the job market. However,using this resource one can effectively choose or change career(Bolles, 2009).

Secretson how to deal with changes in life have been specified in this book.A considerable number of people get stranded when they findthemselves in a thought-provoking circumstance. That is no longer anapprehension since this book explain the secrets that one can use tocope up with alterations in life.

Findingmission in life is becoming less challenging. This is because thisbook wide up with the idea that career is a piece of one’s life andis in line with goals of life. Many wholeheartedly agree with thisidea and eventually find their mission in life.


Themanual can be recommended to clients because it can solve many lifeissues. For example, career choosing, preparation for an interview,payment negotiation, understanding the job market, and preparing tochanges in life can all be solved using this book. The client canread and get this information that will be significant in respondingto all these issues. There is a wise saying that goes this way,“knowledge is power.” Client’s acquisition of the knowledge inthis book will be indispensable since he can use it to help othersremedy their problems or just solve his own. Furthermoreinternalizing this information will enable anyone to make no blundersin life.


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