Book Review essay


ProblemAuthors are solving

The authors are attempting to promote the poorly understood conceptof intrinsic cell membrane properties through the analysis of a modelof wild-type mouse A11. They were evaluating the conductance ofsodium (Na) and potassium (K) ions through the cell membrane inrelation to retinal degeneration. They are also promoting thecomprehension of property of oscillations and how it relates to thedegeneration of the retinal network. Researchers further sought topredict an expected electrophysiological response of the A11s whenmanipulated through pharmacological means.

Why they were Interested in Solving

The disease retinitis pigmentosa is an association of retinaldiseases where the photoreceptors die. Through knowledge of theoscillatory properties in a degenerated retinal network, it ispossible to understand the mechanism of occurrence of disease.Authors are interested in increasing knowledge in the field to helpthe understanding of particular diseases and how they can beaddressed.

Modeling approach used to solve the Problem

The authors use a wild-type mouse A11 amacrine cell in the predictionof cell membranes intrinsic properties. They record A11s in the slicepreparation of the rd1 retina and monitor activity in the ganglioncells to demonstrate the generation of potentials. The experimentconducted serves to provide a broader understanding of theinvestigation carried out by the authors.

Overview of Conclusion

The authors conclude that the manipulation of the resting membranepotential of the A11s could be crucial in restoring signalingactivity in the deteriorating retina. The conclusion could serve as aguide in the management of diseases such as retinitis pigmentosabecause of the information provided. Also, they concluded that theoutput of oscillations of the ganglion cells in rd1 retina is areflection of the intrinsic properties of the A11 amacrine cells. Overall, there is the benefit of increase of knowledge in the area ofstudy regarding manipulation of membrane potentials to restorenormalcy.