Book about life essay

Dear Brothers in Christ, It is with a humble heart that I, Charles Elephant, present myself to you as the author of the critically acclaimed self help book “Echoes of Heaven”. Mine is a non denominational book about life. It is not an ordinary self help book that simply tells one to look at his own life and analyze it. Instead, I encourage my readers to look at the bigger picture of their life. That big picture drawn by the master planner of all things, God.

What does your life tell you that God wants you to do? How will following his plan for you help you in your daily life? What are the benefits of having a personal relationship with God that is reinforced by a religious relationship with the church? These are but a few questions that I answer in the book. My main intention in publishing this book is to show people that it is not hard to have a relationship with God and that he never forsakes those who come to him for help and guidance.

A belief that the churches all over the world share. I would like to offer your ministry and congregation the chance to benefit from the teachings of my book through a book signing that I hope to mount with the cooperation of the ministry. . I have a joy in my heart brought about by our possible collaboration in marketing this book to a greater number of people who will benefit from understanding more about who God really is and what his plans are for us, his children.

In order to help your ministry, I would like to suggest that we split the profits from the book signing on an equal basis, meaning a 50/50 share for both parties. This profit sharing scheme will be possible provided that the church orders more than 1,000 books for the congregation members. By doing so, the church will benefit from a bulk order discount sale. We can also make arrangements that will allow your church to have a custom logo on the book cover or a special insert page in the front of the book that will contain the church information and history.

Or perhaps your office will be more interested in having a church banner on the front and back book covers instead? I am offering you all of these aside from the sure revenue that the church will receive from the assured sales of Echoes of Heaven. Please contact me at your most convenient time so that we can settle on a date to meet in order to finalize the details of the book signing the subsequent content of the contract agreement as well. Sincerely, Charles Elephant