Board of Directors essay

With the changing trends in world economic, social and political scenario, the life styles of people have also been changed. This diversion has improvement the standard of living of some people on one hand but on the other side, a large number of populations is being adversely affected. There stands a need of sustainable living and Heifer International is on the go level up the gap by uplifting the standards through charity programs. We’re the leading organization of United States of America, working for this noble cause.

Connecting the course of action of Heifer International to your superb contribution to the similar cause sustainable living, I, “board member’s name” being a member of Board of Directors Heifer International, hereby invite you to join us as a board member. This invitation to you is a consequence of the inspiration Heifer International’s Board of Directors had from your work and career. We’ve analyzed your career and achievements in detail and came up with the opinion that, the position at Heifer International is the best match for your noble cause.

Your presence at Heifer International as a board member will not only help us to be more professional, but it’ll also explore the new horizons for your areas of interest. Moreover, this volunteer participation of yours will light up many gloomy faces. Rightly quoted by The Observer Food Monthly, you’ve turned the gastronomic world on to organic food. We’re anticipating cooperation from your part so that Heifer International can also turn the gloomy world on to prosperity and sustainability. Hope you’ll accompany us in this volunteer work.