Blood Donation essay


Blooddonation possess numerous benefits to the recipient of the blood, andto an additional extent, to the person donating the blood. The bolddonor needs to be fit enough to donate blood and the process giveshealth benefits to the donor together with the advantages received bythe bold recipients. I wish to declare the proven benefits that havedirect association to the blood donors, which many people fail tograsp as they donate blood as only as a process of routine orrequest.

Ifeel the project deserves much time and attention to come up withfacts that will act a conviction for people to donate blood moreoften and more willingly. A leading benefit of donating blood is thepossession of joy of saving a life. A single blood donation goes along way to saving up to four people. The blood donation processoffers a free check up process to the donor. Before a blood donation,the door receives an all-round body check-up at a free cost. More so,after the blood gets collected, it receives more screening, and thedonor could choose to get further results of any infections found intheir blood.

Theexcessive accumulation of blood in the body causes oxidative damagehence, regular blood donation will keep the blood levels in check. Indoing so, the donation process controls the iron levels in the body.It is a fact that each blood donation helps the body shed 650 Kcaland the process aids in the process of weight control processes.Blood donation ensures the donor’s blood to have a better bloodflow.

Possiblesolutions to encourage more willing blood donors include spreadingthe facts and the advantages that arise from the process. Explainingthe advantages that a donor gets from donating blood increases thechances that more people will come to donate blood at free will, evenwithout the persuasion of a blood donation campaign.