Black Power essay


Thechapter written by Martin Luther King Jr explains to us the origin,growth, and the significance of the to the AfricanAmericans and the nation as a whole. The philosophy of emerged after the Negros felt that the promises made to them to giveequal rights, promote humanity, and cultivate equality across wherethe Negros settles turned empty. The shift from using the previousphilosophy and following non-violence means in protest cultivated theair for the development of the . deemed powerto the Negros, and along with it, the Negros opted to abandon thenon-violent means of demonstration to get to the open display ofweapons and exchange fire with law enforcement as openly done by theBlack Panthers.

Thenarrator in the chapter continues to illustrate to the reader themeaning and life in the . The narration entails of thehistorically accurate facts that in all ways show unequal treatmentand complete disregard for the life of a Negro in the nation. Thedaily life experiences of the narrator, that of his children, andthat of his community members stipulates the huge rift between thewhites and the Negros. It is clear that the American nation viewedthe black skin as a curse and misfortune to the country. In response,the Negros had to take arms and deem for the , fightingfor their human rights in their community.

Moreover,the narrator advises on the various self-discovery journeys andrealizations that the Negro person has to undertake to free himselfor herself from the chain bondages of being a Negro in American soil.The explanations give the Negro an urgency to realize the deep rootsand honor the far the nation has come to collect the neededself-esteem to stand up for the rights of the Negro. The realization,as Luther hopes will help the Negro community accept that means ofviolence will not solve the existing social rot.