Bitter Pill Essay essay

BitterPill Essay

BitterPill Essay

The“BitterPill”article by Stephen Brill is a very sensualizing editorial thatreveals controversy based on its content. The major themes discussedin the article are the exposure of high prices as well as thearbitrary pricing mechanics in the healthcare system. According toBrill (2013), the healthcare cost in America is excessive, and thegovernment does not bother controlling the price as it is done inother countries.

Thegovernment does not sponsor the health care system. Notably, thearticle leads one to a wrong deduction because of the problematicissues that are concealed in the data. From my perspective, highcosts do not arise only because of greedy hospitals and doctorscollaborating to maintain a confiscatory price to cheat consumers.

Wecannot say that insurers are good enough concerning negotiations.They can determine bargains that individual customers cannot.Therefore, it is inappropriate to think that the healthcare costs inAmerica are extremely high compared to other countries.

Itis unhealthy to think that some arrangement by the government wouldalleviate the issue. The prices are high to be in tandem with thecontinuously decreasing rates of insurance as well as the governmentspending because of the indemnity insurance evolution in PPO.Additionally, the rebate programs by the government increase the costof HealthCare. These programs cause the pricing system to becomplicated due to flawed pricing.

Inconclusion, the author has outlined a number of concerns that makethe healthcare in America expensive. These have included the lack ofsponsor by the government, decreasing insurance rate, as well asgovernment programs increasing the health care cost. The other issuesoutlined to cause the invoices of medical bills includedisproportionate allocation of new money among other things.


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