BismiAllah hir Rahman nir Raheem essay

Islam is a complete code of life addressed by only one God Allah. Islam provides peace and security for every individual. It bears commandments from God, which if followed wisely will prove to be beneficial for the believers. Though for non-believers it seems that Islam imposes too much restriction on women and does not give her full rights to manage her life. However, this thinking is not true. A command and an act cannot be judged after reading it but only after performing and observing the consequences can lead us to see the wisdom behind the words of Quran.

Men do not control life of a woman. Instead they are guardians for all their needs, their food, drink, clothing and living. They are also responsible for protecting women. While God has bestowed on women certain responsibilities like child bearing and nourishment during which a woman cannot find time to have a living and earn herself a living. Hence, this is the sole responsibility of her husband and male relatives to support her during all her life. Strange men and women cannot see or touch each other until unless they are married.

God has created men and women in pairs and allowed the proper use of sex in only right manner for which they are created. Sex is not created to exploit each other and use it abusively without paying rights of others. If both man and woman are married then they will be allowed to have sex and then both have to pay each other’s right. For example, today in west women have too much liberty to go everywhere and men exploit them and have sex with them without paying their due rights. So many women in USA today are single mothers with no male supervision to take care of their kids.

Such women who have several sexes with too many men suffer from different strange kind of diseases that are not normally seen in Muslim countries. Man behaves wildly when he’s given too much liberty over his desires. His desires must be controlled and managed and use wisely. Having sex without getting married is similar to the mating system in animals, who mate and pay no rights. Humans are intelligent beings and God has educated them that how they have to live and how they’ve to care for their wives if they really want to enjoy sex with them.

Sex other than marriage is extremely prohibited because in that case men do not bother to pay rights of a woman. Husband’s right over her wife is that she should be obedient to him. Obedience creates love and similarly spending money creates love. When men spends on women it creates love between the two and when wife is obedient to her husband it creates love between the two and this is what Islam addresses to have peace and love between the two. It does not harbor hatred and oppression.

Women are free to decide for their life, choose their husband and free to have their education. They are also allowed to earn money if they get enough time and would like to pursue their career. Talak is only given in the hands of men because to avoid too many divorces and separation. If each will have the authority to divorce then only few marriage relations will persist because women usually have less control over her anger gets heated on slight things then do men.


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