Bibliographic Essay Writing from A to Z

When you get a bibliographic essay as a writing assignment, what do you usually feel? If you feel confused, this rather can be understood. It is clear with the writing of some other kind of essay, but a writing a bibliographic essay… What is it, by the way?

What Is a Bibliographic Essay: Definition and Structure

So, what is a bibliographic essay? Do you know by the way such word as “bibliography”? If yes, then, you can already guess what can be the content of such an essay. Yep, a bibliographic essay is an essay about literary sources to a particular topic. So, if you are looking for materials for some paper, a good tip would be to find a bibliographic essay on this topic. There, you can find information about many sources.

The primary task of such an essay is not to provide a discussion of a particular topic. When you are working on an annotated bibliographic essay, your main task is to find a reputable source on some topic. But it is not enough just to find those sources. You should discuss them, compare them, and recommend those, that, in your opinion, are the most reliable.

In a critical bibliographic essay, you might need to discuss the sources and compare them rather than just provide some information about them. But even in such case, you should base your statements not on your opinion, but on generally accepted ideas and opinions.

How to Write a Bibliographic Essay Correctly

So, how to write a bibliographic essay? Are its structure and writing principles the same as in the case with any other essay? How to avoid the mess and write a proper paper that will get a good grade and will be useful?

Select Only Reliable Sources

For your essay, you should find only those sources that are recommended for schools. Don’t use encyclopedias, as they provide shortened and incomplete information. Website publications are in most cases not verified and unreliable. You can use only those publications that appear in reputable journals and provide relevant and reliable information.

What about your school library by the way? There are many online and offline sources, but the principles are the same for all of them: reliability and trustworthiness. Once you have found such a source, include it in your essay without any hesitations.

No Analyzes or Discussion

Don’t forget that your essay has a target to give your reader an idea of which sources to use. You don’t have to discuss them, to try proving that your opinion is right and so on. Leave these methods for other kinds of papers, and your task is different now.

Your primary task is to give a summary of those thoughts and ideas that others have written. Don’t express your judgments about those opinions. Your task is to provide information, without discussing who is right and who is wrong and with whom you agree or disagree.

Bibliographic Essay Format Differs from a Usual Writing

Yes, a bibliographic essay format is quite different than anything you can expect. What can we compare it with? Well, maybe, a bibliography would be the right comparison. But in your essay, you give not only the source data but also information about its content.

You might want to write about the authors of those sources, who they are, why they are significant, and so on. If it is available, mention their background in the field, their other relevant works. Everything would work, any objective information about the source and its author.

Yes, this might surprise you, but the sources should be numbered. Yes, like any bibliography. The purpose is just to make it easy for your reader to find a needed source. There are such writing styles as APA, MLA, Chicago – you can use any of them or the one that is required by your school.

Bibliographic Essay Topics Are Very Diverse

Basically, you can write your essay on any topic. Bibliographic essay topics are limited only by your knowledge and imagination. Do you need some examples? Okay, here are some:

  • Concentration camps.
  • Justice and how it can be perceived.
  • Children with neurological diversities.
  • Elections and transparency.
  • Phenomena of plagiarism.

Any topic that is discussed nowadays is okay. Just a small suggestion: don’t select those topics that aren’t interesting to anybody. Too specific or too old-fashioned topics are just not the perfect fit. Did you get it? By the way, what about selecting some topics about the school where you study? Moreover, your teacher can help you to choose a theme that he is expecting from you.


When you write a bibliographic essay, you might face a number of difficulties. First of all, this kind of essay is not so easy. Second, it requires much attention to details. That is why we are glad to offer you our help whenever you need it. If you have just started writing and noticed, that you are not managing it correctly, you can always place your order and buy your essay from us.