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One of the most conspicuous healing stories in the bible is thehealing of two blind men by Jesus Christ. According to the Book ofMathew (Mathew 9: 27-31) in the New King James Version (NKJV) Bible,Jesus healed two blind men. After Jesus had raised a dead girl, twoblind men followed him begging for mercy for their eyesight to berestored. Jesus asked them if they believed that He could do so andthey agreed unanimously. Jesus touched their eyes and they were ableto see again. He told them that their faith had healed them. Hewarned them not to tell others, but they went around town spreadingnews of their healing.

From these scriptures, healing conveyed by Jesus was based on thefaith the blind men had. Their belief in the power of God through Hisson Jesus was the key to the restoration of their sight. I believehealing took place because the blind men went all over town spreadingthe good news. In the initial verses of the same book, Jesus had beenperforming miracles based on the faith of those involved. Therefore,I believe healing took place. In the current set up, spirituality andhealing are intertwined. Spiritual faith helps the patients to fighttheir illnesses by boosting the immune strength and having positivethoughts of recovery.

Worldview is a person’s set of beliefs about the world and the rolethey play in it and how this shaped their lives and that of others(Sire, 2009). Each worldview has seven key components. It is definedaccording to how its specific followers take on these components.Epistemology defines beliefs of nature and knowledge. Metaphysicsdefines the true reality nature. Cosmology defines the origin of theuniverse. Theology defines the existence of God. Anthropology defineshuman life and behavior. Teleology defines the purpose of theuniverse and its components and lastly, axiology defines morality andgoodness in the world.


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