Berry Full of DNA essay

Describe in your report what you saw under the microscope. The DNA extract that was visualized under the microscope was not pure there are proteins that sticks to the DNA that makes it not easy in classifying the DNA from the protein molecules. Is this what you expected to see? I am expecting to see the double stranded DNA specifically its bases pairing with each other. But I assume another method of purification should be done after the DNA extraction to purify the DNA extract.

How is it like or different from your expectations? Since protein is more expected to stick to the DNA extract even if the isopropyl alcohol should let the RNA and protein to settle at the bottom of the test tube. What did the detergent do? The function of the detergent is to disrupt the cell membrane from breaking both the cell as well as the nuclear membrane and disrupting the protein and lipid structure to release the cellular components including the DNA.

And to show the DNA as its molecules bind to the protein molecules Why is it important to keep the isopropyl alcohol very, very cold? The isopropyl alcohol should be kept very cold in order to make it more effective in separating the DNA from its other cell components and the DNA will precipitate in the boundary layer of the water and alcohol molecules of isopropyl, it also helps to clump the DNA molecules.


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