Benchmark-Analyzing Cognitive and Educational Evaluation essay

Benchmark-AnalyzingCognitive and Educational Evaluation

Benchmark-AnalyzingCognitive and Educational Evaluation


Summary of Results

How assessment is technically Sound and how it Minimizes Rater bias

Why the selected assessment tool is appropriate for this student

General School Performance

Adam exhibits attentiveness in the learning process. He is responsive to questions when asked to provide answers to questions in class.

The assessment is of critical significance for the benefit it offers regarding the understanding behind poor performance witnessed at school. Provides a broader overview of performance in class.

Appropriate for explaining why the student could be performing in the manner he does.


He shows attentiveness when it comes to reading comprehension. However, his performance has been rated as being average compared to children of his age.

It elaborates the aspect of reading and gives an explanation of skills that could facilitate reaching a conclusion.

Provides a summary of the current status of the patient regarding reading capabilities.

Concentration in class

He is slow and faces challenges when it comes to listening. He appears lethargic.

Useful in explaining whether the behavior affects the level of concentration in class. Could provide an idea of the relationship between his slow nature and how he conducts himself?

It helps in understanding why he is not concentrating efficiently in the class and the effect of such a deed on his performance.

Mathematics and Intellectual Ability

The levels of mathematics calculation and reasoning have been identified as being negligible.

Intellectual ability has been determined to be an average range compared to that of his classmates.

An assessment of mathematics skills about calculation and reasoning are essential in providing more information on Adam’s learning capabilities.

It is a measure of Adam’s reasoning skills. Provides information on how best he can handle issues related to reasoning.

Spelling and written expression

He has demonstrated limited capabilities regarding the overall process of writing. Further, the oral expression has been identified to be limited.

Essential for illustrating the overall skills needed in class.

Could serve as an opportunity to indicate Adam’s ability to express himself while at the same time providing more information on his learning especially in class.

Social and emotional factors

He appears withdrawn and not comfortable interacting with his peers. Further, he depicts signs of anxiety in how he conducts himself in the classroom.

It provides an idea on the social wellbeing of Adam and his ability to socialize with the rest of his peers.

It determines Adam’s social characteristics and the potential of it affecting his capability to associate with his peers.

AppropriateEducational Decisions for Adam based on Assessment Results

The case presented for Adam is representative of a patient who needsspecial education to help improve the condition that he is facing.Considering the nature of activities he is engaged, it could be vitalto come up with interventions that not only improve his overallreading performance in class but how he socializes with his peers. Itcould be essential to have Adam be referred to an OccupationalTherapist. The decision to do so would be helpful since Adam can betrained on how to write, eventually improving his writing skills. Aninclusion of training on how to recall the sequences of numbers andletters on the handwriting skills is helpful in improving the child’scondition (Segal, Chipman, &amp Glaser, 2014).

Adam is having a problem when it comes to reading. He can beintroduced to a reading program where he is trained on how to decodewhat he has read, recognize words and understand the concept ofsyllable division. Through the application of the intervention, itwould be possible for Adam to realize success in his schoolactivities and develop a high sense of self-worth.

Also, the school should provide accommodations for special trainingwhen it comes to improvement of skills in mathematics. The teachercould opt to introduce individual tests for Adam to enhance hisreasoning and skills in mathematics. The individual educational planshould have an elaborate training in mathematics to facilitate Adam’simprovement in class performance.

Further, Adam has portrayed a lack of social skills. He is havingproblems when it comes to efficiently interacting with his peers.Adam can join a discussion group with a counselor who can train himon skills such as how to relate to others. He could be conductinghimself in an anti-social manner because he has a low self-esteem ofhimself. However, by making arrangements for him to join a discussiongroup, he can start learning on how best to work on his socialskills. Additionally, the school environment should be customized ina way that students are encouraged to interact with each other often.Adam may get an opportunity to appreciate his peers while at the sametime feeling more comfortable interacting with them. Further, itcould be vital to creating a group of friends who can spend more timewith Adam while in school to help improve his social skills.

Script SeekingConsent for Special Education Services from Adam’s Parents

Following the results of the assessment in Adam’s case, there ismuch evidence pointing to the need for professional intervention. Theinformation in the evaluation is an illustration of the fact thatAdam needs special educational training to help in the improvement ofthe condition that is affecting him. Much as he has shown potentialto be an attentive student, there is more to be done to help in theimprovement of his condition. Adam requires specialized training thatis not offered in an ordinary institution. For example, it could benecessary to assign him a counselor to help provide a solution to thesocial problems he is facing. Because of the same, arrangementsshould be made to have him access professional help. Further, Adam’sassessment indicates that he is having challenges regarding reading,writing and solving mathematics problems. A typical class scenariomay not be appropriate to help address the problems that he isfacing. Special education is necessary to ensure that Adam’s needsare adequately met. An arrangement of special education could bemandatory to facilitate the introduction of interventions to improveAdam’s condition.

HypotheticalConversation with Parents

Assessor: Hello.I have conducted an assessment on Adam, and I have results for thesame.

Father: Yes whatmay be the problem?

Assessor: Thefindings of the study indicates that he is having difficulties withreading,

writing, socialcues and mathematics. His IQ is average compared to that of his


Father: What canbe done?

Assessor: Fromthe assessment, it could be essential to make arrangements for him toaccess

specialeducation to help improve his condition.

Father: Okay.Thank you. I will support in any way that I can.


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