Beliefs and Knowledge essay

It was stated in a famous poem that the east and west could never meet. But that was the era before globalization and market economy was not instrumental. In today’s world it is very difficult for any culture to remain aloof. It is true that each culture is unique in its own way and life in each country has its own pace of living. However, the concept of global village is drawing all cultures under the parameters of a homogenous outlook and countries like India and America cannot stay out of it.

It should be mentioned that there are quite some common aspects between the life of India and America. For instance, both the cultures believe that life is an eternal bliss that it is necessary to live life at its full extent. This aspect of point of view towards life is often described as the implementation of ‘Karma’ or deeds that are to be performed full heartedly. The same is also followed in the US but some quarters of the philosophers view this as a negative aspect and refer to it as pseudo materialism.

However, the life of India and America is hardly affected by such comments and citizens of both the countries continue to live life on their respective outlook of life. (Lamb, 243-245) Another very interesting common aspect between the life of India and America is the point of view on business. There are several similarities between the two cultures. One can be mentioned as dress codes in office. The general life in the US revolves around a consistent dress code under the parameters of the business world.

Similarly in India there are business dress codes but it may differ from region to region but each individual from a definite region tend to follow a specific dress code in the business life. (Kar, 145) However there are contrasting features too. The most important of it is the absence of freedom for women. Indian women can never be termed as free as it is viewed in the US. An Indian woman is either governed by her father or husband and needs permission for each element. This is the biggest difference the life of India and America can observe. (King, 126)

Thus in the conclusion it can be easily mentioned that there quite a few similarities between the life of India and America but there are differences too. At the same time it should also be mentioned that these difference like that of independence of women can be well assumed as a passing phase that prevails during the progress towards a homogenous cultural confluence under global parameters. The resemblance and contrast of the life of India and America could be viewed in a situational that would surely seize to exist in time and then there would be more resemblance and negligible contrasting elements.

It can be stated that the life of India and America are going to be at par in a long term if the present international situation remains steady. (Fletcher, 188) Lastly it should be mentioned that at the present situation the life of India is trying hard to be well influenced by the life of America and it is spontaneous in nature. Thus we can assume that whatever differences are there in the present life would be removed in the long run with more close contacts between the two nations.

References: Fletcher, R; Images: Beliefs and Knowledge; Believing and Knowing. (Mangalore: Howard & Price. 2006) pp 188