BBC Science essay

As the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” stands true to this day, graphs and other statistic visualizations are simplistic ways to help interpret data and convey critical information. Word processers have tools such as tables, Venn diagrams, pie-charts, organizational charts and bar graphs to help the user express statistics and numeric data that are best expressed through visual illustrations.

On the paper on ‘endangered species’, several of the above-mentioned illustrations could be used to help the reader comprehend the criticality of saving endangered wildlife from extinction. For instance, a simple table can be used to provide information pertaining to snow leopards; this table can serve as a quick snapshot of information about snow leopards for someone who is not familiar about the species. This table could fit in right after the introduction.

Visuals are usually deemed more appropriate when they are preceded by statistical information. A pie-chart can be used to describe how the concentration of snow leopard population is spread across various countries. It can be inferred from the chart that the majority of snow leopards inhabit in China, and thus immediate plans need to be put in place to preserve this species in this specific region. Chart 1 Snow leopard population spread across various geographic locations

Visuals can also be used to express the key threats to snow leopards. Figure1 Key threats to snow leopards The solutions to overcome those threats can also be mentioned towards the end of the paper. Figure2 Solutions to save snow leopards


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