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Theprocess of continuous change is very crucial for an organization toremain relevant in its operations. It is, therefore, very vital forthe change processes to be placed as a non-negotiable element of theculture of an organization. When the change process becomes anessential factor of the organization, there is a joint and individualcommitment of the stakeholders to improve the value proposition ofthe clients. This commitment by stakeholders to change the way ofdoing things to benefit the customer results from effectivecommunication process and disciplined implementation process of theproposed changes and benefits all the stakeholders in theorganization. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the extent ofthe importance, validity, relevance, and achievability of the abovepropositions concerning the operations of the Petroleum DevelopmentOman.

Theimportance, validity, relevance, and achievability of the changeprocesses

Thechange process is imperative for an organization that seeks to haveits processes ongoing and competitive in the market (Thomas, 2001).It is, therefore, paramount to incorporate change processes as a corecomponent of the philosophy of an organization. For instance, withreference to the PDO organization, it is important to implementchange processes which will to a great extent boost the morale of theemployees and hence the performance of the organization (Sinem 2014).Again, the change process within the PDO organization will ensurethat the employees are involved in decision making which to a greatextent will improve their production in the organization and thus theoverall performance of the organization. The importance of theinitiation of the change process is in line with the changemanagement theory which stipulates that the primary initiatives forchange strategies require immense changes in the way of doing thingsfor successful operations of business (Halkos 2012). This propositionis important for the PDO organization which requires a change in theway of doing business in the organization for it to remain relevantand competitive in the market.

Thepropositions of change processes in an organization are valid andrelevant. For example, it is evident that is it is reasonable for thePDO organization to undertake changes and initiate an environmentthat ensures employees get proper communication on the matters of theorganization. These changes will be of great help in boosting themorale of the employees which will, in turn, translate to improvedperformance of the employees and the organization. The validity andrelevance of the propositions of change process within anorganization stem from the theory of the change management. Thetheory proposes that the propositions of change should beincorporated in the philosophy of the organization which will in turntranslate into the continued relevance of the organization in themarket. This shows the extent to which the change propositions arevalid and relevant for application by an organization that desiresdominance in the market.

Thepropositions by the statement above are achievable in practice. Theincorporation of the change processes in the operations of anorganization is achievable in practice. The change management theoryproposes that it is fundamental to acknowledge change process as anongoing and continuous journey (Thomas, 2001). The entirety of thisstatement implies that the change process is an achievable phenomenonby an organization despite the nature of its operations. Forinstance, basing on the operations of the PDO organization, thechange process is easily achievable and put into practice as long asit is carefully planned and initiated (Halkos 2012). Again, therequired changes in PDO organization revolve around employeemotivation and involvement in the activities and change of operationswithin the organization. Such changes and plans are easily achievableas long as the stakeholders have the interest of the organization atheart.


Theprocess of change within an organization remains vital for thecontinued growth and relevance of an organization. Concerning the PDOorganization, the above paper demonstrates the extent to which changeprocess is important, valid, relevant, and achievable by anorganization. It is, therefore, crucial for an organization to keepimproving the way of operations to ensure that it is favorable forthe employees to work with the organization. The changes should be ina way that they promote not only the wellbeing of the clients,employees and the stakeholders but also the relevance of theorganization in the economy.


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