Assistive Technology essay



Technologyhas affected nearly all aspects of human life. Its application in thehealth care sector has helped the health care providers enhance thefunctional capabilities of people with different disorders (Mittler,2007). At the moment, I am aware of the fact that assistivetechnology is mainly used to increase the functional capability ofpeople suffering from visual, hearing, and mobility impairments. Thisimplies that the type of assistive devices varies depending onspecific kinds of disability affecting each patient.

Inaddition, I am aware of the fact that assistive technology is widelyapplied in the field of education, where it helps learners withspecial needs to catch up with the normal students. The perceivedrelationship between assistive technology and equality in theeducation sector resulted in the formulation of the Individuals withDisabilities Education Improvement Act, which provides for an easyaccess to assistive technology among persons with disabilities(Mittler, 2007). This technology may help learners suffering fromautism, cognitive disabilities, communication disorders, anddeafness.

Iam also well informed about the fact that the process of choosing aright assistive technology or device requires the help of a healthcare professional. This ensures that the assistive technology thathas been selected match with the specific need of the client.Assistive devices may be ordered from the manufacturer if the clientsuffers from a condition that cannot be addressed using assistivetechnology that is readily available in the market.

AlthoughI have some information about assistive technology, I would expect tolearn more about different types of devices and the specific kinds ofdisabilities that they are designed for. In addition, I would like tounderstand the difference between assistive devices and adaptiveequipments. Therefore, I expect the course to fill my knowledge gapby supplementing the information that I already have about assistivetechnology.


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