Assignment essay

TheAmerican view of poverty in most cases relates to one`s level ofincome generation. Whereby when people lack a constant source ofrevenue, they are termed as poor. The income thus is a determinantof the poverty line. When a person’s income cannot sustain thehousehold bills, he is regarded as living below the povertythreshold. Quite a fraction of America’s population live below thepoverty line and therefore most cannot afford to sustain theirhouseholds due to unemployment and underpayment for those employed.

Thesepeople are highly dependent on welfare organization or programs, suchas the Supplemental Nutritional Assistant Program commonlyabbreviated as SNAP. Through this program, most Americans living inpoverty have benefited from kitties that help them afford a basicmeal. The program has been opposed by many people with some claimingthat it encourages the beneficiaries to remain unemployed. Theprogram has a guideline of who receives the funding and who does notqualify to avoid misuse of funds. Most of its funds come from thegovernment.

Measuringpoverty by the living standards of a person, however, is not theappropriate way to tell the poverty margin. Most people link povertyto monetary value whereas possession of resources, such as mineralsin a poor village is a great sign of wealth only that it isunder-utilized. Poverty in the society is usually most evident withthe age, children, and women.

Thegovernment should create labor laws that will help form a justifiedremuneration for employees. For instance, having a pay systemdepending on the number of hours one has worked and his productivity.This way most employed people get to earn a salary that will sustainthem and reduce reliance on funding for meals.

Inconclusion, living standards can never be equal for everybody in thecountry. People must be educated on the need to be self-reliant. Thiswill attribute to the economic growth of the states.