Article summary essay


Thearticle majorly reflects on violence orchestrated by the UnitedStates on the Vietnamese people. Many American were unable to standagainst the federal government to criticize the immoralities thatwere happening during the nineteen century. The author hashighlighted many other insane conducts by the USA, as addressedbelow.

Americawas insightful to the Vietnam’s political and social lives throughthe instabilities it created through war. The author argued that theUnited States citizens were in deep sorrow at that moment while thegovernment pumped its resources in the military with the intent ofrestoring and colonizing Vietnam. According to critics, thegovernment should fight the prevailing discrimination in the UnitedStates of America rather than be fighting a peaceful nation.

Defendingthe poor is another objective that was highlighted in the article. Inthis case, black men were taken away from their families to serve aswar Martials in a foreign land with the aim of protecting the rightsof the poor Vietnamese citizenry. Despite all this, injustices thatthe Negros faces in their homeland are not yet resolved.Consequently, their families suffer and remain poor at the expense ofthe whites, while they are on the battlefields dying.

Theauthor complains about the acquaintance of certain knowledge withoutcreating the place for its exhaustion. For instance, the criticmentioned the need to enforce studying without creating jobopportunities. The lack of jobs has rendered many families poor. Itadditionally increases the number of people joining the army as theytry to make their ends meet. The American world has a huge populaceof people who lack understanding minds, in that they do not listen tothe voice of their enemies, but rather treat them as human brothers.

Theauthor exploits the issue of inequality and discrimination. Despitebeing together at battles, black and white war men cannot share orseat in the same schools back in the U.S. He blames America for beingthe cause of war in Vietnam. Though illegal gun procession and drugabuse, local citizenry portray the prevalence of violence at higherlevels. The consequences are that the streets turn into abattlefield, where violence is the order of the day. Loss of livesand increase in poverty dominate the daily living of the people.

Lastly,America is criticized for having caused all the problems in Vietnam.They manipulated their systems and overthrew their leaders andestablished an American rule and leadership. It resulted in war asthe indigenous people fought for their freedom and land. As weconclude, Vietnam would be a safer place without the U.S militaryintervention since it resulted in more harm than good.