Article Review Texas Gets a D-minus in State Integrity essay


ArticleReview: Texas Gets a D-minus in State Integrity

Astate of integrity is a state that is not only expected from a personbut it is also expected from a State as a whole. This articleprovides that Texas was recently ranked at 38 in America and earnedherself a D- when it comes to State integrity. The investigationswere done by the Centre for Public Integrity. It also provides thatthe State had not recovered from a corruption risk report which hadbeen released in 2012. The article further elaborates that thehighest grade achieved by the best performing state was a C which wasawarded to Alaska State.

Themain point of the article is to outline how these results are arrivedat it provides that the appraisal systems are meant keep the StateGovernment level accountable and effective at its services to itscitizens. The process of research is conducted throughanti-corruption mechanisms which in any case do not dwell on anyparticular corruption situation that happened. Instead, the writingtries to show us that the Centre for Public Integrity tries to pointthe gaps where the state fails especially in matters of openness,accountability and transparency.

Thispiece provides that this study is usually comprehensive and itinvolves different people from different states especially those injournalism as a profession. In module three, we learnt aboutseparation of powers. We learnt that it is essential for states andorganizations to have separation of powers in such a way that eachorganization or branch of the government conducts their works withoutoutside interference. It further shows us that the separation ofpowers is utterly importance this is mostly because if it did notexist then there would be a lot of ills in our governments as well asorganizations. The writing illustrates to us that due to separationof powers, an organization such as Centre for Public Integrity are ina position to criticize the governments without fear.