Article Review essay




KiahCollier’s,US to Order Schools to Accommodate Transgender Student Bathroom Use.The Texas Tribune, 2016.

Oneof the major issues to have brought along heated debate among peoplein the United States is the existence of the transgender group, andthey ought to be treated/regarded especially students. Authored byKiah Collier, this article focuses on this issue (transgendercommunity). This paper is an article, review with regard to thisarticle (USto Order Schools to Accommodate Transgender Student Bathroom Use),by Kiah. The article draws attention to the legal conflict betweenthe federal and several state governments, over the directive toallow transgender students across the nation, to choose whichbathrooms they prefer to use in schools. The informative articleillustrates how various States, in particular, Texas and NorthCarolina, have outwardly challenged the directive by the federalgovernment. The article describes the steps taken by the federal andState legislative and executive branches of government. For instance,in North Carolina, a bathroom bill challenging the directive wasintroduced by a member of the State`s legislature. Afterdeliberations and subsequent passing of the bill in both chambers ofthe legislature, the bill was signed into law by the governor.However, the bill has ensued suits between the US federal and NorthCarolina state executive branches of government, through theirrespective attorney generals (AGs).

Also,the author describes the Texan Lt. Governor`s position on theexecutive order. In particular, the president of the Senate is nothappy with the compliance exhibited by the superintendent of the FortWorth District. Moreover, some legislators in Texas have promised tointroduce a bill that is similar to North Carolina’s law. Apartfrom the legislature, the article also illustrates how the head ofthe Texas executive, Governor Abbott supports North Carolina`s bid todefend its law in the justice system. The author further explores theimportance of discussing the issue, particularly with members of theRepublican Party. In Texas, the Republican Party has been dominant inall matters in politics. The legislation is, mainly, if notcompletely, comprised of Republican Party members. According to thedata collected by the author, the Lt. Governor dismisses the need todeliberate further on the issue with the State Party.


Collier,K. (2016). U.S.Will Order Schools to Accommodate Transgender Students.TheTexas Tribune.Retrieved 19 May 2016, from