Arabian prophet essay

Muhammad is an Arabian prophet and the founder of Islam, the religion of the Moslems. A brilliant religious teacher, a wise governor and a successful military leader, he was one of the most influential men in history. The Koran, Islam’s sacred book, consists of Muhammad’s teachings as recorded by his followers. Moslems believed that Allah (God) is the author of the Koran, and that he spoke to the Arabians through Muhammad, the last of his prophets.

In his 40th year, while praying on a solitary mountainside near Mecca, Muhammad had his first vision. At first, according to Moslem tradition, Muhammad doubted his own sanity, but was finally convinced that the vision was real. He thought he saw the angel Gabriel, who ordered him to reform the faith of his people. After that, winged- horse came and picked up Muhammad. The name of the horse that Muhammad rode before he died was “Burak” also known as the “winged- horse”.

It is an animal that has four legs and has the face of a woman. It is believed that it was “Burak” that brought Muhammad to heaven that one night. It was said to be “the journey to the seventh heaven” and in that time Allah talked to Muhammad and commanded and ordered him to tell to his followers how many times they ought to pray to him (Allah). After the meeting Burak then brought Muhammad back to his place where he did his task to his followers of the same faith.


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