Appreciating Music essay


I liked the music by Stravinsky because it was a marvelous show ofwhat instruments should sound like. The integration of various musicelements gave the composition a touch of elegance. When I heard itfor the first time, my mood changed to that of calmness- an emotionalstate that is very rare to come by these days. I reacted this waybecause whenever I listen to such music, I get the peace of mind thatI require to engage in an indulging task such as creative writing.Music to me is the big brother that guides me through the journey ofcreative writing and comprehending complex concepts. I appreciatedthis piece because it served the purposes of an ideal musiccomposition to me.

The piece by Jonathan Harvey was my least favorite among the CDs. Thesudden high-pitched sound was particularly too intense for my hearingsystem. The sudden change from one instrument to the next createdconfusion in the whole composition. However, as I kept listening toit, my ears slowly began to adapt to the sudden change in pitch. Igradually began to appreciate the composition. It made me realizethat not everything that is unusual is bad. I am used to low pitchmusic that I found this composition not appealing.

However, as the music progressed, I slowly realized that music couldbring out a different version of us. If you have a genuine love forthe music, you will always find something interesting in anycomposition, even when it is not among your favorites. I developed asoft spot for the rhythm of this composition because it created themood of dancing.