Applying Bowenian and Structural Theories essay

Applying Bowenian and Structural Theories

ApplyingBowenian and Structural Theories

Accordingto Bruce A.A (2004, p.138), the Bowenian theory respects andintegrates the larger context of the family including the society.The structural theory focuses on the distribution of power in thefamily and the importance of maintaining clearly defined boundariesin relationships(Nyengele,2004). This report identifies the problemin the Bowenian and structural theory videos creating a theory-basedtreatment plan with both short term and long term goals for thefamilies. It explains two theory-based interventions and also theiranticipated outcomes.

Inthe Bowenian theory therapy video, the process takes long that eventhe problem cannot be defined with one session with the therapist andin the Structural Theory therapy video, the root problem is notbrought out clearly, and the therapist seems to be concerned with thesurface issue. Whatever the symptoms the patients show, such asfeelings segregated by his or her family, the short-term goal wouldbe able to bring the affected member at a table and the long-termgoal to help them come to term, and eventually, the patient feelsaccepted.

Asa practitioner, I regard the emotional experiencing as a deep, andmeaningful expression of the self. Therefore, I would useExperiential theory which according to Ferriccio O,(2012,p.xxii)promotes the actual physical and mental experience of feelings,impulses, and desires.Another way is to use the Strategic theory todeal with each individual and take the responsibility to influencethe affected people who are particularly useful in cases concerningchildhood and adolescent behavioral changes as stated in LindaM,(2011 p.261).

Ifind these two theories most effective since the most important thingis to reach the long-term goal of the therapy and to make sure aresolution is met and the affected members of the family are finallyat peace with one another.


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