Application Essay essay



Educationis not an end, but a means to an end. I consider college as aplatform for self-improvement and an opportunity to acquireprofessional knowledge and access a better learning environment.

Theprocess of searching and selecting a college that will fulfill all myeducational as well as professional needs was a rigorous task. EmpireState College emerged as the best choice for me. The flexibility ofthe teaching programs offered by an institution of higher learning isa key factor that indicates how a college has managed to address thespecific needs of its students. After researching for the informationabout the Empire State College, I discovered that the institutionpursues an affordable, but rigorous academic program. The EmpireState College offers flexible study options. These programs reducebarriers that are associated with the schedules and locations, whichimply that I will be able to choose where and how I want to study.

Thequalifications of the educators also determine the credibility of aninstitution of higher learning. The Empire State College has anexcellent and a highly qualified team of teaching staff, who providequality education for students. This gives me the confidence that Iwill be able to acquire relevant skills by studying in college. Inaddition, I realized that the Empire State College offers all theknowledge and experience that I expect to get during my college life.

Iunderstand that the decision on the college and the course that onewants to pursue is influenced by the dreams of the future career andthe line of profession. I studied accounting in LIBI within the lasttwo years. This study gave me an opportunity to master the basicknowledge of accounting and increase my skills in the accountingprofession. This confirms that my target is to pursue a career in thefield of accounting. It is my hope that the administration of EmpireState College will give me an opportunity to study at the institutionand acquire more skills in accounting, finance, taxation, management,and marketing. After graduation, I plan to look for a job related tofinance management and then pursue higher levels of education inorder to enrich myself with the knowledge in tax, financial, legal,and experience, before obtaining a CPA certificate to become aprofessional accountant.

Inthe process of growing, I developed a good habit of being careful.The environment in which I exercise has enabled me to apply the peaceof mind in facing setbacks, bear hardships, and work hard. I choseaccounting as my major because of my passion in the field ofaccounting, desire to learn through challenge, and a special aptitudefor mathematics, which allows me to analyze, compare, and interpretfacts as well as figures. I understand that it will not matter whicharea of enterprise I will work, but all that is needed is theinterpretation of issues from the economic perspective. Therefore, mycareer goal is to become a professional accountant.

EmpireState College is the perfect institution for me. My goal is to pursuea Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, which is offered by the college.Moreover, I look forward to making new friends, meeting newprofessors to look up to, and working hard to accomplish my careergoal. I am ready to pursue all these objectives.


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