Appeal Statement essay

Learning is a process and so is life thus no one should ever expect that the path they seek towards the achievement of their goals be they personal or communal will be linear. Setbacks are part and parcel of the life that we live and though they may depict an individual’s inability this is not always the case. Failure to meet set standards may result from low scores in set parameters or high standard, in either case one should not jump into concluding that inability is the case.

I may not be a genius but I believe in my own potential and ingenuity that has seen me through rough patches. My average rating in GPA is not that impressive however, this does not imply that I do not posses the ability to perform better. My high school years have been some of the worst years in my young life. As if fate had decided to come hard on me, within the four years I was in high school I lost a number of close friend and relatives in situations that I am yet to fully comprehend.

A young mind is active due to its freshness and pureness and such traumatic experiences which coincidentally spanned my entire high school years made it impossible to consistently score high marks. A look at my records clearly shows that I am not a perennially poor student since there are times when I scored highly and others I did perform poorly. If one has the ability to get one, he should be able to get two thus my ability as a student to retain and apply principles taught in class to real life situation should not be a question for I have displayed this ability in more than one occasion.

I consider my plight caused by inconsistency as the effect of ill luck on a young under developed mind. There has always been a question on accuracy in judging ones ability by past performance. Experience and the environment both affect an individual’s perception and though constructivism theories may be of the view that it is easier to transmit to students who have good information background, the reality on the ground is quite different. How many good students have become failures at the college level?

Learning just like life is a process and anyone has the power to change his fate by taking corrective measures to ensure that the strategies they employ and their personal goals are all tuned towards achieving the same target. Some of the greatest academics like Ben Carson were not born geniuses; it took reassessment of their prerogatives and a change of perception to turn their academic lives around. I do not blame fate for my low grades rather it is a result of a poorly developed mind that could hold up with pressure from personal and family life.

My grades increased in the last years of high school which clearly shows a shift in priority and a more focused approach to academics. It may take sometime to achieve my full academic potential, this should not be held against me since most people are not even aware of their potential but with time I will move closer to achieving it and all I request of the university is a chance to be part of the ever green legacy of moving from grass to grace.