Apocalypse essay


Nearly every grown up know have heard of the term apocalypse. As aresult of the varying beliefs among human beings, various definitionsof apocalypse exist. can be defined as the destruction ofthe universe along with all that it contains. In the bible, the bookof Revelation outlines the events that are expected to occur to markthe apocalypse. Scientists have developed their theories that try toexplain how the earth will be destroyed thus bringing an end to life.According to scientists, the destruction of the earth will be causedby the collision of the earth with a heavenly body such as anasteroid. People are fascinated about apocalypse because they want toknow their destiny and develop a way that enables them to escape thedestruction. Some of the scientists want to prove their theoriesconcerning the end of the world. I believe that there will be anapocalypse that will be caused when the earth will collide withanother heavenly body.

There have been disagreements on the differences between the meaningof disasters and catastrophes. Both disaster and catastrophes aresudden events that cause destruction to the physical structure andeven life. However, the magnitude of the effect of the two differs. Catastrophes have a higher magnitude of its impact causing heavydamage to the community structures compared to disasters. Thedestruction caused by disasters leaves most of the communitystructures leaving the affected community with structures where theycan shelter unlike in catastrophes. The impact of catastrophes is notonly on infrastructure but also on various processes and activitiesof a community such as farming, education, movement, and worships.Local governments can effectively manage most disasters but will needassistance from the national government to manage catastrophes.