Annotated Bibliography Abortion Access essay


AnnotatedBibliography: Abortion Access

Itis crucial to understand that abortion has been an upcoming issue inthe current century and therefore it `s hard to ignore the impact ithas on the well-being of the community. One of the major adverseeffects associated with abortion is the loss of life of the babywhile putting the life of the mother at stake. This is an annotatedbibliography indicating some of the appropriate material that will behelpful in the final research regarding the same topic.

Engeli,I., Green-Pedersen, C., &amp Larsen, L. T. (2012). Introduction (pp.1-4). Palgrave Macmillan UK.

Thisbook gives detailed information regarding abortion, stem-cellresearch and same-sex marriage and how important these issues are inthe society. It later explains how abortion issues have attractedsubstantial political attention. Information in this book will becritical in this research since we will be able to trace how abortionissues have been of interest in the world recently. Through thisbook, we will be able to answer some of the unanswered questionsregarding the impact of abortion in our community. Also, this bookwill be crucial for the provision of information regarding thepolitical stand concerning the issue of abortion.

Yarber,W. L., Sayad, B. W., &amp Strong, B. (2013). Human sexuality:Diversity in contemporary America. McGraw-Hill.

Thisis one of the critical material in the completion of the research.Through this book, we will understand the issues of human sexualityin depth, and some of the religious/ethical aspects of abortion. Inthis research, knowledge on when abortion is legal is important, andinformation in this book covers it appropriately. Also, it provides abiblical stand on abortion so that we can understand the religiouspoint of view of abortion and also various beliefs among differentreligious groups. Therefore, this book will be crucial in equippingus with this knowledge so that the research can be founded on facts.

Levandowski,B. A., Kalilani-Phiri, L., Kachale, F., Awah, P., Kangaude, G., &ampMhango, C. (2012). Investigating social consequences of unwantedpregnancy and unsafe abortion in Malawi: the role of stigma.International Journal of Gynecology &amp Obstetrics, 118, S167-S171.

Inthis article, the author primarily discusses some of the adverseeffects of abortion on both the mother and the community as a whole.Typically, the article answers the question, “does abortion haveany medical defects late in life?” This article will be crucial inmy research to provide information regarding some of the impacts ofabortion in both the mother, child, and community. The authorpresents some of the later medical problems of abortion as cancer,miscarriage, and infertility among others. Such information will becrucial in this research so that we can warn people to shun fromabortion.

Shrage,L. (2013). Moral Dilemmas of Feminism: Prostitution, adultery, andabortion. Routledge.

Inthis book, the author notes the moral dilemmas of feminism. This bookpresents an argument whether people have the right to control theirbody. Later the author presents some of the constitution amendments,court rulings, laws and party platforms regarding the issue ofabortion. Such information will be crucial in the research since itwill assist in the provision of concrete evidence of the perspectiveof the law and constitution regarding the issue of abortion. Throughthis book, we will be able to draw conclusions on whether abortion islegal or not depending on the state bills banning abortion. Besides,the author discusses the issue of abortion in different countriesbroadly and makes the final recommendation on this matter dependingon the findings obtained.