Annotated Bibliography essay


Braddock,S. W., Kercher, J. M., Edney, J. J., Block, M., &amp Clark, M. M.(2015). Straight talk about breast cancer: From diagnosis torecovery.Http:// on 5/6/2016

Thearticle stresses that breast examination in the doctor’s office ismore effective and efficient as compared to the self-exam, itsupports its facts by stating situations where women might lack theknow-how on what to look for during self-breast examination. Itsupports the fact that doctors are well equipped with the relevantknowledge on the breast exam than other women.

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Thearticle strongly supports that breast examination from the doctor`soffice is more perfect this is because, from the history that getspresented by patients, issues like last menstrual periods, physicalexamination, and some presenting features might get detected unlikewhen an individual opts to undertake a self-breast examination.

Domino,F. J., &amp Baldor, R. A. (2014). The 5-minute clinical consult2014. Philadelphia, Pa: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams &ampWilkins.Http:// on 5/6/2016

Accordingto Domino, follow-up could get done after examination from a doctor`soffice and some diagnostic test could also get carried out, patientmonitoring. Some advice of breastfeeding precaution as well as careof breast wounds might get done without difficulty and this mighthelp in enhancing the strong needs of women unlike when breastexamination gets done at home.

InHolland, J. C. (2015). Psycho-oncology.Http:// on 5/6/2016

Hollandsupports both the notion of self-breast examination and review at thedoctor`s office he says that women know the conditions of theirbreast and when advised appropriately on how to carry out a breastexam. They can detect any danger signs doctors can advise them onvarious diagnostic methods such as MRI in case they suspect anyabnormalities.

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Kelseysupports clinical breast exam, she stresses on the issues related tohealth messages as well as a physical examination that gets carriedout in the doctor’s office which might help in counteracting anymalfunctions to females.

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Supportsthat women could receive counseling in the doctor`s office in case ofanomalies that require surgery, detection of vital information couldget done and swelling of the lymph nodes might get detected. He saysthat when women do a self-breast examination, they might fail toaddress all&nbspfour quadrants and this brings about issues ofmissing some vital information that might get presented as breastanomalies.

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Schneiderstates that women might fail to focus on the presenting features, andjust do a quick examination that might not help them detect theseanomalies, but in the doctor`s office, they might have theopportunity of their presenting features getting analyzed and treatedaccordingly.

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Thearticle affirms that a breast examination is an efficient tool thatcan get used for the detection of various conditions such as cancersit can get used as a diagnostic tool. Also, the doctor`s office anexamination gets viewed as being more accurate than that which getsdone by women or administered.