Annotated Bibliography essay


Belknap,Joanne. TheInvisible Woman: Gender, Crime, and Justice.2015. Print.

BelknapJoanne is renowned social work scholar whose research has been usedacross the world. TheInvisible Womanexamines the issue of women and the criminal justice system. Some ofthe areas covered in the study include female criminality, thejustice system, female offenders, and women employees of the criminaljustice system agencies. The author utilizes information from theorganizations involved in the criminal correction. The data was alsocollected from the other information sources such previous studiesand news articles. The main point in the book is that it is necessaryto reform the institutions to conform to the needs and challengesaffecting women as victims, professionals or offenders for women torealize equal and fair treatment in the criminal justice system.

Zaitzow,Barbara H, and Jim Thomas Womenin Prison: Gender and Social Control.Boulder, Colo. [u.a.: Lynne Rienner, 2003. Print.

Womenin Prisonis a book that majorly examines the lives of women from amulticultural perspective, highlighting the challenges andopportunities available for women. They study American women from aglobal outlook. The authors examine issues such as discrimination andpoor treatment of women in the society. Some of the variablesconsidered by the authors include race, class, nationality,sexuality, culture, age, and disability

Kirk,Gwyn, and Margo Okazawa-Rey. Women`s Lives: MulticulturalPerspectives. 2013. Print.

Theauthors bring up feminist criminology as another critical issue thataffects women in prison. They observe that criminology has beenbiased and does not explain the women’s viewpoint. One greatmisconception is that men and women are perceived extremely differenton matters of crime thus, inconsistencies mode of addressing femalecriminality.