Analyzing Barbara`s Statement essay

AnalyzingBarbara’s Statement

Tounderstand Barbara’s statement better, let us revisit the 1860swhen the Civil War began. In Lynn Town, Massachusetts State, a greatrevolution of workers was witnessed the employees pushed for fairwages from their employers. Abraham Lincoln, one of the foundingfathers of freedom, supported this movement as it fought for equityand fairness a move which might have accelerated the Civil War. TheCivil War was mainly prompted by slavery and equality issues betweenNorthern and Southern States.

Barbarastates that the Civil War isn’t over as long as there are equalityissues she alludes to a psychological war. The ideologies of the warwere equality and fairness. Can we claim that this has been achieved?Today we are ruled by corporate organizations that control theeconomy, and we are at their mercy. On the other hand, there is anissue of racism have we indeed eliminated it? We may not haveslaves in chains, but as long as we view other people as lesserbeings, the Civil War is still on. Recently, African Americans wantedto boycott the Oscar event they felt that the nominations werebiased. These are the same ideologies which the Civil War fought for,equality and fairness.

Barbarasays “as long as we have people who are homeless, the Civil War itstill being fought.” She means that, as long as those Civil Wardreams that pushed for the dignity of human life, irrespective ofcolor, creed and race are not actualized we still have a Civil War.I support her statement and I am afraid this war might never end.