Analyzing Articles essay


Thetarget for the Maureen Dowd’s article is a potential donor, who isout there afraid to donate her/his organ. People who might find thisinformation useful are patients waiting for a donor, who will beencouraged by reading it and family members who are afraid to donatean organ.

Thewriter uses the lives of her sister and her uncle to convince peoplethe beauty of saving lives. A nurse tells Jennifer they don’t seemany live donors, which she responds that not so many people aregenerous(Roen, Glaw, &amp Maid, 2012).The article is emotionally crafted and it appeals to the audience, asJennifer is seen as a loving and courageous person. I believe Dowd’sstrategy is good and practical one it moved me. I think Dowd mighthave made the issue of organ donation look simple, some operationshave unforeseen outcomes such as the death of the donor or afterwardsconsequencies.

Dowdmaintains a friendly tone throughout her article, with a gentle voiceintended to persuade her audience. Her tone coupled with the storyseems true and believable people might react to the story than aprofessional article about donating an organ.

Thelength of an article determines the rate at which people will readit. Articles which are short and precise attract more readers than alengthy article. Of the two articles, if I were going through thepages of a newspaper and found them, I would read the Maureen Dowd’sarticle despite the message.

Stillhungry in America


MiriamWright Edelman writes her article from an angle of advocacy. Shetargets two groups, those in power who can help change the situationsand those who can support her plea.


Sheis trying to inform those two audiences that people are stillsuffering from lack of food in America. Edelman uses the life exampleof Jane, who faces a lot of tragedies but later benefits from lunchprograms. Jane is one of 14 million students who have benefited fromLunch programs, Edelman states (Roen,Glaw, &amp Maid, 2012).The use of children in stories as hopeless and in deed of attentionwill on most attention get many readers attention and Edelman justdoes employ that tactic.Tone

Herinformative and sympathetic tone attracts and glues readers to keepreading the article, and I believe that there is no better strategyin writing than using a sympathetic tone when you want to appeal forhelp.


Shealso writes about her willingness to take the leaders to see thesituation on the ground. She applies the use of personal experience. It is always interesting to read, and people can visualize theexperience and sympathize with the writer. Edelman tries to depictAmerica as a country where children are hungry while there is a FRACresearch that proves America voters support food programs and willnot allow people to go hungry.


Herarticle is long and good, but to attract more readers it is advisableto keep it short.


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